DeltaTracking is a platform that through the tools of tracking, it monitors assets, vehicles or sales personnel. Works also to see the logistics, reduce times and protect loads or cargo that vehicles carry. Here below we will talk about the reduction of operating expenses with our software.

How can I apply the platform on my business?

If the company owns vehicles or is a sales force, you can run the platform, by placing the assets assigned to it for this purpose such as cell phones or vehicles through a GPS device to control its location. 

Platforms like DeltaTracking will save you in the reduction of operating expenses. It may be that many companies already have these devices and you already know how they are used, in this case only migrate to the new platform.

If you do not have it you would have to buy the devices and have one or two vehicles then, a monitoring service can be implemented.

Reduction of operating expenses

As for the investment …

For people who already have a GPS platform, the investment is to reprogram the devices to the new platform, it can be done online and in bulk if the devices allow it.

Advantages of the DeltaTracking platform for reduction of operating expenses

  1. Stability
  2. Very up to date technology
  3. Innovation
  4. Costs

In the operational part

In the operational part you can choose two types of monitoring:

  • Active monitoring: You have a person monitoring the routes of each of the devices to validate compliance with the requirements, in order to eliminate the possibility that vehicles are being used after hours or for personal use.
  • Passive monitoring: a person checks panic buttons or the disconnection of batteries, which may be coming as messages to the cell phone by e-mail.

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How do I reduce operating expenses using the DeltaTracking platform?

Many companies use a platform bought from a third party, with that being said, they are not directly buying from the producer, in the case of DeltaTracking they buy from the producer for what they would be minimizing costs, doing the operation itself and they would also be buying directly all the support first hand, which contributes to the reduction of operating expenses of up to 80% in current costs.

If we talk about being able to reduce up to 80% of costs, then you get a great benefit on the financial side, because you can go from having $ 10,000 in cost to reducing it to $ 2,000 doing all the work in a personalized way for each company and developing functions to meet the needs, leaving the general parameters to the specifics, then the cost reduction will also be reflected in the optimization, thus increasing sales and strengthening the capacity of the sellers.

Work tracking tools in vehicle management with the DeltaTracking platform, proves us to be an instrument for a smart business since you can automate various elements that can make the company flow better by achieving an optimization of the processes and a reduction of operating expenses so that they are faster and more efficient without requiring so much personnel.

Reduction of operating expenses

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