White Label

White Label refers to a product or service totally compatible that is manufactured by one company but sold by another.” 

White Label refers to Software that is created for the purpose that other companies or people can provide a service through them and in turn can customize the product with their own price plans, logo and identity, allowing customers to associate the product directly with their brand. 

On the GPS tracking platform, these are the points you must take into account. 

  • The personalization of the domain or Url where your clients can log in. 
  • The Identity of the company through the logos configured in the screen and the browser tab. 
  • Generating a Telegram bot specifically with your brand. 
  • The configuration of an SMTP Server to send alerts and reports scheduled via email from your personalized email address.

Undertake in software 

  1. A high profitability of the business is obtained, since the cost for an end customer in the market ensures more than 50% profit. 
  2. When undertaking on the vehicular plane, you are assured because it is a market that does not stop growing. 
  3. Contribute to society by giving a service that provides security, cost optimization and control for companies.
White Label

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The 7 benefits of using a white tag GPS tracking platform in your business. 

1. The Brand will always be first:

As an entrepreneur you can place the logo and create a corporate identity for sale to third parties. 

2. Low investment and high profits:

The decision is up to each entrepreneur, how much to invest and how many clients to reach for obtaining a high percentage of earnings. 

3. You get a software that is ready to commercialize:

A white tag platform that can be personalized and reach an end customer with innovative tools. 

4. Thanks to the experience of DeltaTracking,

They can guide the entrepreneur towards the best way to move forward to achieve success. 

5. Avoid spending money on research, development and testing:

For undertaking software from scratch you have to go on a long path of trial and error, before results are achieved. Expect expert companies in the field such as DeltaTracking to already have this accomplished. 

6. Innovations that are implemented in the future are obtained as part of the service at no additional cost:

A great advantage of undertaking with the DeltaTracking platform is that you don’t pay extra for the new tools that can be implemented during the service contract time. 

7. It gives you the option to customize some additional elements to your image:

This means that the software can be adapted to the specific needs, desires and tastes of each client, which in the end provides flexibility and personalization to the final  customer.

White Label

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