Function of a GPS

The function of a GPS is to obtain the location of a vehicle, a material good, or a person since their signal is constantly received through satellites. 

And depending on the model and the tools you have you can have additional information as:

  • Speed,
  • Orientation,
  • Battery percentage
  • Fuel level.
  • Among other.  

“Global Positioning System” is this acronym the GPS, is a navigation system based on 24 satellites:

  • 21 operational.
  • 3 of backup.

Sends information about the position of a person or object at any time and any climatic conditions. 

There is also the GPS tracker also known as a device for vehicles, it is a small tracking device with internet connection which is responsible for sending the location of the units steadily.

Function of a GPS

What is the Function of a GPS? 

GPS satellites circle the earth twice a day in a very accurate orbit and transmit signal information to earth. 

GPS receivers take this information and use triangulation to calculate the exact location of the user. 

For the devices to work they need:

  • An internet connection to send the necessary data,
  • Since they are very small and light devices they need a sim card to achieve this connection,
  • An energy source that comes from the vehicle or an internal battery. 

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How is satellite tracking obtained? 

Around the planet are several orbiting satellites, which they send signals to the devices and thus calculate the coordinates of their position. 

The device performs the query several times in a constant way, according to the configuration assigned to it. 

The devices have antennas, responsible for receiving the signals of the satellites, thus obtain the geolocation coordinates and are located on the map.

They have a gyroscope system to get orientation. Depending on the models and variations of the devices they also have 

systems to evaluate inputs and outputs of currents to recognize or activate lines and buttons in the vehicle.

What tracking platform should we use? 

In order to obtain good control and monitoring, you need a platform like DeltaTracking which has the function of a GPS in addition to a good data conversion that it sends to the device to be able to use that information as notifications and alerts. 

This platform offers conversion for more than a thousand different models of devices. 

By hiring a satellite tracking or monitoring service, security is obtained since in the event of theft we can know where the vehicles or goods are located.

They with the advancement of technology some of these device models have remote locking which is activated either in a vehicle or in a battery to prevent theft.

In the case of carriers, we obtain control of schedules and routes, in order to have control of fuel savings. 

Function of a GPS

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