Bluetooth sensors.

Bluetooth sensors are devices that allow you to link to GPS technology, to send information about the current state of a vehicle. 

Basically these sensors can be connected and linked without wiring using Bluetooth technology.

This technology allows connecting two digital devices to send data between them. 

Bluetooth sensors have various fields of application. They are quick to install, offer reliable communication and consume little energy. 

In addition, they allow a GPS device not to be easily detected in the event of theft. 

Types of Bluetooth sensors 

Various types of Bluetooth sensors are available on the market. 

For example:

  • Control fuel consumption,
  • Measure temperature,
  • Humidity,
  • Angle of inclination,
  • Among others. 

Consequently, these sensors allow monitoring of environmental conditions or risks that loads may suffer during transport. 

The following types of Bluetooth sensors allow these  functions to be performed: 

Fuel sensor: 

Your task is to control the fuel consumption of the vehicles. It measures the capacity of the gasoline tank, the rises and falling levels that can occur when fueling or while consuming. 

Temperature sensor: 

It monitors the temperature of a van when moving edible merchandise that needs to be at a certain temperature, to preserve it properly. 

Tilt angle sensor: 

This type of sensor measures the angle or inclination at which a vehicle is located, to know if an accident has occurred or to prevent merchandise from deteriorating. 

Pulse sensor: 

They are used to detect when doors open or close, so they can act quickly on unexpected openings or panic button pulses. This, in order to avoid loss of merchandise. 

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Main applications

Some industries that benefit from the use of sensors with Bluetooth connectivity are the following: 

Freight transportation: 

Bluetooth sensors allow good control of fuel consumption in fleet management. 

Food Industry: 

Essentially in this industry they are used to know the status of the merchandise and the refrigeration of the container, in order to ensure the integrity of the loads during their transport. 


In this case, the sensors allow detection of panic buttons or unauthorized door openings. This way they help prevent theft and loss of merchandise. 

Vehicles in general: 

On the other hand, Bluetooth sensors allow knowing the position of a vehicle or truck and verifying if a spillage of the goods it transports has been overturned or caused. 

Bluetooth sensors.

DeltaTracking and the use of Bluetooth sensors 

At DeltaTracking we use GPS and Bluetooth technology and we advise our clients on how to use it. 

In such a way that they take advantage of all the devices available on the market so they can use them within our platform in the best way. 

Consequently, this will allow them to maximize results by giving them a competitive advantage in respect to all the tools that are available. 

Additionally, they will be able to offer their clients a quality service with innovative tools and cutting-edge technology.

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