Food industry

Delta Tracking is a versatile platform that can be utilized by many businesses, especially the food industry. They need to be able to control the itinerary in movement of their products to insure their quality

So, Delta tracking is a good tool for the traceability of:

  • Raw materials, 
  • Supplies 
  • Product distribution.

Providing control in the logistics of the industry. 

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5 DeltaTracking Tools for the Food Industry:

1. APP Personal Tracker: 

One of the main problems that the food industry has is the traceability of its distribution channels; This is where Delta Tracking technology supports you by implementing automated methods and being more competitive in this industry.

It is possible:

  1. To have total control of the sales force.
  2. Generate the necessary data.
  3. Create market projections
  4. Implement sales campaigns.
  5. And reach more people to increase profits.

Food industry

2. Multi Monitoring Screen: 

The GPS tracking platform in food transportation is a useful tools specifically for handling these products. 

First, you are able to adjust the established routes to deliver the products in optimal times and coverage of the different regions through the delivery units. 

Secondly, it allows you to adjust the temperature control in the containers of refrigerated products, and see temperature fluctuations generated by the opening of doors and other activities, thus generating intelligent alerts that can maintain temperature values ​​within the framework established by the producers. 

In conclusion, utilizing the advantages above, food will reach suppliers and the final consumer in optimal conditions, thus guaranteeing food quality. 

Food industry

3. Travel considerations: 

DeltaTracking software  is capable of establishing optimal routes for the safe and efficient transportation of food. 

Most of the industry includes frozen, refrigerated and non-refrigerated products, as well as perishable and non-perishable products that require optimal handling. 

Therefore, controlling schedules and established precise routes, the quality of  products and reliability of their delivery is assured along with the good reputation of the company. 

Giving industries the possibility of introducing fresh, better quality, natural and safe products to the market. 

4. Monitoring Center: 

Having the maximum amount of digitized information and with good management improves communication to implement new processes. 

Additionally, renewing automatic equipment that raises the production of the industry.  

So investment in technology is an excellent option for process automation, business savings, error reduction and data control. 

Through the GPS tracking platform via the monitoring center, data will be obtained in real time from the vehicles that are operating as food transportation and thus obtain better performance. 


5. Management of food vehicles: 

GPS platforms are also important in controlling the proper use of the vehicles in which food is transported, so they are in optimal condition through scheduled maintenance, being corrective, predictive and recurring, monitored and scheduled through the platform. Also you can see the behaviors of drivers in different situations, such as rough handling of the units or speeding. 

It allows calculating the fatigue times of each unit to be able to intervene and thus make it more productive at the operational level. 


Deltatracking is a great ally to increase the quality control in the products of the food industry. 

To clarify, food industries are increasingly generating data to formulate their strategies and decision making. 

The DeltaTracking platform provides the necessary tools to have the largest amount of data automatically so it can be shared through different communication channels. 

That is why the implementation of GPS Platforms in the food industry is of great benefit to obtain consumption information and analysis of corporate performance and quality trends. 

The implementation of a GPS platform in the food industry is of vital importance, since with it, we can maximize the company’s resources, both on a human and operational level. 

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