Collective transport fleets

The collective transport fleets are in a constant process of expansion and modernization.  

That is why cities today need to rely on comprehensive transportation systems that are safe, accessible and efficient.  

In such a way that they can contribute to improving the mobility, well-being and economy of its inhabitants; promoting the reduction of dependence on their own vehicles.  

All these aspects can be carried out with the help of fleet management systems via telematics, which facilitate the control, monitoring and proper operation of collective transport fleets.  

Tools to manage collective transport fleets and their advantages  

Bus management tools allow you to scrap rustic and outdated logistics methods and promote smart, high-quality mass transit.  

Its main advantages are the following:  

  • Centralize and synchronize all the information collected by the units, 
  • Maximize travel time between stops,  
  • Have balances on fuel consumption, 
  • Optimal maintenance of the work team at the operational level, 
  • Improve the administration of work personnel, 
  • More effective route management, 
  • Monitoring unsafe driving habits and practices, 
  • Accident prevention, 
  • Greater security for people, through parametric systems and video surveillance in transport, 
  • Know the location of the fleet buses in real time, using GPS tracking. 

DeltaTracking tools for public transport fleets 

The DeltaTracking platform offers the following tools for the management of collective transport fleets. 

1. Control and security management: 

Firstly, it helps control the fleet and distribute the network of routes that you want to establish in each city. 

Secondly, it allows creating specific points to determine the departure or arrival of the units at their different stations. 

Finally, it also makes it possible to monitor the drivers assigned to each unit, to detect if they are driving properly. 

Collective transport fleets

2. Vehicle fleet management: 

Firstly, it allows access to the complete information of each unit of the collective transport fleet and drivers. 

And, it is also useful in controlling the operational operation of the units, since it allows scheduling and programming from the platform, maintenance services. 

In addition, through the Drive APP, automatic linkage is achieved with the pilots, in each unit assigned to drive. 

Collective transport fleets

3. Analysis and optimization: 

It allows collecting all the data and behavior of the units. 

At the same time it offers a wide range of reports that help make decisions about the effectiveness of the routes or the performance of the pilots. 

It also offers the option of generating graphs and statistics. 


4. Stability and security: 

DeltaTracking tools offer the highest stability on the market in terms of server functionality and technical support. 

In the same vein, the management of users and passwords, allows access to the platform to be safe and reliable. 

It also has contingency plans in cases of emergency. 

5. Hardware integration:

Equally important, DeltaTracking provides a wide range of integrated devices that help solve the needs of its users. 

Likewise, it is available to integrate new devices that are of vital importance for the growth of its clients’ businesses. 

What investment does the use of these tools require? 

In the current market you can find suppliers of different items, so cost-benefit is generally sought. 

In conclusion, Delta tracking adapt to the needs and budget of its customers, providing them with the best advice on each project they wish to implement. 

So, for more information about DeltaTracking’s collective transport fleet management tools, contact us and we will always seek the best benefits for your company.

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