Queclink device

If you are making the decision to acquire devices from Queclink of the GV or GL lines, we will let you know the differences and thus make a successful purchase. 

Queclink’s GV Line is a division of GPS devices with direct connection to vehicles. 

As a constant power source, without the need to recharge the device. 

These devices work with bands defined as 2G and 3G. 

In addition, the GV-W versions have multiband, that is, they can work with any network that has greater power. 

Queclink device

Queclink’s GL Line are special devices since their models are portable, that is, they do not need to have a connection with the vehicle to be monitored. 

It requires connecting from time to time to recharge. 

Like the GV line devices, they work with bands defined as 2G and 3G. 

In addition, the GL — W versions. They have multiband, that is, they can work with any network that has greater power. 

Queclink device

For the GV line, it is necessary to carry out a wired installation in the vehicle to receive the necessary load and thus achieve good operation. 

In a matter of the GL, the operation is autonomous, since it has a battery with capacity so that the operation does not depend on the vehicle. 

In the case of the GV line, it has options to activate or deactivate actions in the vehicle. Due to the voltage outputs they have. 

Also with these outputs various security modes can be configured. 

Like remote shutdown, with a small switch to lock the vehicle and prevent it from starting. 

These models have inputs, which are responsible for receiving a negative charge in order to activate certain alerts. 

Finally, in the case of the GL, as it does not have external connections, it simply works as tracking and with few options for movement alerts. 

The device has certain differences in terms of size.  

Those of the GV line are longer and thinner, this due to the battery and the amperage they have.  

The biggest difference is in the wiring, since the GL line only has an antenna input and charger connection.  

On the contrary, in the GV line we find a harness, which is connected directly to the device. 

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The 2G network is the second generation of Mobile Network created. 

For this reason it continues to have difficulties to transmit big data and with good speed. 

Unlike the third generation 3G Network, which has the necessary characteristics for complete data transmission. 

We must always take into account the type of connection we have to optimize the use of the devices. 

It will depend on what you need and when you need it. 

To choose the GV line, it must be taken into account that there is an installation time. 

And this has to be carried out by an electromechanical technician, and for its inactivation a dismantling is also required. 

If you only require the service for a certain time or it is to monitor a vehicle temporarily, you can decide on the GL line. 

Since it is rechargeable and can be left anywhere in the vehicle. 

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