Queclink GV Line

If you are analyzing which devices of GPS devices for tracking of Queclink GV line to choose, we will let you know what you should take into account. 

Queclink’s GV line is a line of GPS devices specifically designed for vehicle tracking. 

Since they are characterized by being devices that are connected directly to the current of the unit and that have multiple options. 

Especially for evaluating driving behavior, controlling remote shutdown and obtaining telematics functions. 

We will choose the best GPS device according to the needs that we need to cover. 

So if we need elementary tracking, there are the GV55Lite, GV55N and GV55W, which provides an exceptional cost / benefit ratio. 

Queclink GV Line

For customers with more complex needs, there are the GV300N, and GV300W models, which also provide multiple input and output options for connection or activation of sensors. 

Queclink GV Line

Also an RS232 port for connection of fuel sensor, temperature, RS232 camera, among others. 

Also for motorcycles, there is the GV75 and GV75W device. 

Which provides IP67 protection against water and dust, being the ideal solution for this type of unit. 

Queclink GV Line

And finally the GV500 model, which is a Plug & Play device. 

This is installed in the OBDII port and gives us the option to analyze all the behavior of the vehicle. 

Since it gets the information directly from the unit’s Computer. 

Queclink is a manufacturer that takes the quality of its devices seriously. 

Since they go through rigorous quality tests and obtain certifications that guarantee their operation before going on the market. 

Additionally, the price of a GPS device will depend on the needs to be supplied. 

Therefore, we can conclude that a device with a higher cost will undoubtedly offer us a wide deck of options and exceptional quality.  

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To correctly choose the equipment to use in your company or fleet, you must take into account the following suggestions: 

  1. See reviews on the internet to know the comments about the devices. 
  2. Know the useful life time of the analyzed GPS devices. 
  3. Take into account the ease of configuration provided by the device and the versatility such as: SMS, By Cable on PC, By air (from the Server). 
  4. Analyze the flexibility of configuration, to adapt the device just to the needs. 
  5. Evaluate the support provided by the distribution company. 

Qualities that the equipment must present: 

  1. Being robust and of low-maintenance. 
  2. Have quality certifications and protection against splashes and dust. 
  3. Models with external antenna compatibility. 
  4. Compatibility with external sensors, fuel sensors, temperature, RS232 cameras, two-way audio, analog and digital inputs and outputs, etc. 
  5. Small and easy to install. 

Assess that the harness is secure and fits perfectly.  And that it comes with a warranty.  

At DeltaTracking we not only offer you the best software for your fleet of vehicles. We also provide you with advice, so you can acquire the best device according to the needs of your company. 

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