Benefits of Geofences

The functionality and benefits of geofences in vehicle fleets will depend on the business line of each one.

However, in general, they collaborate to have control in the operations of the vehicles.

When we speak of geofences, we refer to geographic delimitations of an area or path, on a virtual map.

A geofence or geovalla is used to obtain information on when a GPS device enters or leaves a certain place, as well as the time it spends inside or outside of it.

Depending on how they work, geofences can be internal or virtual.

The first ones are established within the configuration of the GPS device. They are more accurate due to continuous position analysis, but consume more data by sending additional frames to the server.

For its part, virtual geofences are configured and calculated directly within the monitoring software.

From each frame sent by the GPS device to the platform, it validates whether it is inside or outside, and generates the events and scheduled alerts.

Geofences can be configured circular or polygonal.

Circular is one that has a central point and a coverage radius in meters, to be able to draw its perimeter.

The polygonal, for its part, allows having several vertices to cover irregular surfaces, so that the exact largest percentage of the terrain is covered.

Benefits of Geofences

Benefits of geofences

The benefits of geofencing in GPS fleet management include the following:

  • Allow to establish territorial limits to generate alerts if a vehicle tries to leave the authorized area.
  • Provide reliable information on visits made to clients.
  • Detect entrances and exits of properties or warehouses or other points of interest, validating that the established schedules are mThey check the fulfillment of routes, generating reports of visits to clients created previously.
  • Guarantee the safety of the vehicles when they are not being used. They alert the moment they detect an exit from the perimeter.
  • Allow to maintain a meticulous control over the collaborators, location of vehicles and goods, generating notifications in real time.

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DeltaTracking tools for vehicle management

DeltaTracking offers its clients an intuitive and highly effective geofence creation system.

Allows you to create geofences as you move around the map. Simply pressing the right click and taking as the central point the place where the click was made.

The process to implement a geofence is simple. The steps to follow are:

  1. Choose a central point within the map, where you want to create
  2. Select a name that refers to it
  3. Choose the type of geofence (circular or polygonal)
  4. Select whether it will apply to all vehicles on the account, or only to a specific group of units
  5. Corroborate the data and proceed to create it
Benefits of Geofences

Our tools also provide the option to create geofences from a specific coordinate. For this, only these coordinates are entered and the rest of the procedure described above is carried out.

Additionally, the DeltaTracking tools offer the option to configure geofence entry and exit alerts through their different notification means, such as: e-mail, Telegram or on the screen.

They also allow you to generate scheduled or real-time reports. In them you can see the history of events that the configured geofences have had.

Finally, DeltaTracking values ​​the time and effort that companies spend in the marking and creation of the geofencing database. Therefore, it allows importing geofences from a .KML file, thus achieving a quick integration of your information.

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