Heavy Duty Trucks

Transporting heavy cargo has several challenges, including fuel consumption, violence, maintenance, and driver performance. For this reason, a GPS tracking system in heavy duty trucks is an ideal support for the owner or fleet manager. 

Today there are control tools that allow you to overcome these challenges and obtain outstanding results. 

The best GPS devices for heavy duty trucks 

Good advice is important when purchasing heavy duty truck GPS device. In this way you can choose the most appropriate to your needs and obtain the expected results. 

The lack of accompaniment leads many carriers to choose GPS devices based solely on price. This leads to less than optimal results. 

In DeltaTracking we have observed that the GPS devices that offers the best results are those whose price ranges from $ 100 to $ 200. 

These teams are robust and have options to extend their functionality. They allow theiruseful life to be extended up to 5 years, unlike cheaper device. 

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Regarding brands, we can say that Queclink and Teltonika are two good options in relation to price/quality. 

Heavy Duty Trucks

Most high-range GPS’s are multifunctional, and can be easily adapted in the heavy-duty truck industry. 

When purchasing heavy duty truck GPS tracking devices, some factors should be considered such as: 

  • The option to extend functionalities. For example extensions for fuel sensors and sensors of another type. 
  • Observe that it is certified device, since this allows to be certain of its quality. 
  • Together with the device, the monitoring system must be taken into account, in order to get the most out of it. 

Types of sensors that can be installed on heavy duty trucks 

Fuel sensor 

It allows to obtain the graph of fuel consumption per unit. This makes it possible to know which vehicles in the fleet have the highest consumption. It also makes it possible to identify bad management practices of the units. 

Heavy Duty Trucks

Identification sensor or driver app 

With these options you can know the driver assigned at the time, and know the behavior of the same. 

Opening or closing sensors 

They can be placed on pilot or copilot doors to verify unauthorized collisions. They can also be placed on the hood to verify unauthorized openings. 

DeltaTracking tools for cargo transportation 

Some tools that DeltaTracking offers for managing heavy duty trucks are: 

Scheduled maintenance and notifications thereof 

It allows you to be alerted when it is necessary to perform preventive maintenance of the units, based on mileage or time. 

Fuel consumption reports 

Displays the information collected by the fuel sensor to be able to analyze the consumption of a unit in a certain time range. 

Real time notifications 

Allows you to get notifications when an event has been detected in the unit. Such as turning on, off, entering or leaving authorized or unauthorized places, etc. 

Drive driver bonding and untying 

It allows knowing in real time when a driver approaches a unit. In this way you can link with the unit and obtain reports with driver information. This allows decisions to be made based on the driving behavior of the unit by a specific person. 

The DeltaTracking option allows you to adapt advanced functionalities of the most used GPS devices in the industry. Besides being an option with a very interesting price/quality ratio. 

You can know more details here: Platform features. 

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