GPS Tracking Apps

DeltaTracking makes GPS Tracking Apps available to its customers for iOS and Android operating systems. 

The main benefit these applications offer is the automation of processes. In addition to increasing the control capacity of the company in general. 

These Apps are a complement to web software and are designed for a complete integration between vehicle fleet and operational personnel. They allow a better performance in the tasks of the company, increase productivity and therefore, increase the profits of the same. 

The main characteristics of DeltaTracking GPS Tracking Apps are aimed at facilitating the use on mobile devices. 

This is due to the tendency to optimize the work of some operations of large companies, in such a way that there is no high need to have to manage everything from a computer. As a result, the productivity of the labor force is increased. 

DeltaTracking GPS Tracking Apps allow comprehensive performance in the fleet. They include the monitoring of vehicles, such as that of the person, facilitating total control of the company. 

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GPS tracking apps DeltaTracking 

The applications currently offered by DeltaTracking are the following: 

GPS Monitoring 

This app allows you to access the DeltaTracking platform without having to repeatedly enter the access credentials. In addition to keeping the session open for a long time. 

GPS Tracking Apps

Personal Tracking 

Its main function is to install it on an Android mobile device, so that its location can be tracked in real time through the application. This App also allows you to configure a frequency report by time, distance, turns. 

GPS Tracking Apps

Driver APP 

It focuses on linking a driver with a vehicle, in a functional and automatic way. It is enough to scan a unique QR code generated for each vehicle available within the DeltaTracking platform. 

Currently for iOS there is only the GPS Monitoring app, since the Driver APP and Personal Tracker applications are oriented to operational use, where the demand for iOS devices tends to be zero. 

For more information about the Android and iOS applications that DeltaTracking offers, contact us. One of our advisors will solve all your concerns.

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