DeltaTracking success story

The white label software used by companies around Latin America developing businesses, we present two success stories DeltaTracking. 

Advantages of DeltaTracking software 

DeltaTracking is a white label solution used by companies throughout Latin America. 

Developing businesses with competitive prices, innovation, and tools have allowed us to earn the trust of customers. 

It also represents great savings on your GPS tracking investment. 

DeltaTracking introduces you the case of SKYGUARD, an asset monitoring company in Guatemala and El Salvador. 

With an annual growth of 200% for 6 consecutive years. 

SKYGUARD relies on the DeltaTracking monitoring system to operate. 

Among the industries SKYGUARD serves are the pharmaceutical and public transportation industry among others. 

DeltaTracking success story

DeltaTracking success story in the public transportation industry: 

The first problem in this business was corruption and non-compliance with times. 

The solution DeltaTracking gave, was Virtual supervision, this is based on geo-referenced control points established on the map. 

These represent bus stops, allowing to analyze the time of arrival, waiting and departure from each point. 

Both, in real time, and in reports for analysis and subsequent correction.   

When it is in real time, the overseer at the control center has the power to call the rider via GPS. 

Since it has input and output audio, to order it to comply with the stipulated times. 

Bus owners are alerted through a message system sent to their cell phone. 

Being alerted of events such as on, off, speeding, time of entry and exit to the different points, etc. 

Also being able to take corrective actions and corroborate the information that the association later decides. 

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Analysis, correction and results 

The next day the system generates a report and sends it to those in charge of taking corrective actions to keep the fleet healthy and working in a fair manner. 

The managers take penalization actions when there are breaches of any unit. 

As a result, the association through this system has corrected existing disagreements between partners. 

Improving service to the public and has achieved savings of    $ 4,200 per month. 

Since a single remote supervisor controls the operation of the fleet. 

DeltaTracking success story

DeltaTracking success story in the pharmaceutical industry: 

The client is a pharmaceutical company that started in 2006, with distribution of medical products. 

Located in the west of the country of Guatemala, by 2012 it was already covering the entire country.   

Like any pharmaceutical company, its sales force is based on visits to doctors and medicine outlets throughout the country. 

The problem was that the sales did not reach the goal that was proposed, and the visit verification controls were not effective. 

 Phase 1, solution: 

DeltaTracking’s solution was to reduce the cost of sales by 15% based on a policy of depreciation and per diem payments. 

The foregoing by means of meters of distance traveled and statistical fuel consumption. 

In this way, sales increased by 20% thanks to the control of personnel and vehicles. 

Also the agile registration of new business opportunities. 

Phase 2, solution: 

Another DeltaTracking solution is GPS in medical visitor vehicles. 

By measuring the kilometers traveled in a working day and monitoring these values. 

A depreciation payment and fuel payment policy was implemented based on kilometers traveled during a medical visit. 

Remote real-time monitoring at the control center has the option of verifying if the visitor’s vehicle is being used by him. 

Being alerted through a message system sent to your cell phone. 

And on the screen of events such as on, off, speeding, time of entry and exit to the different points, etc. 

Also being able to take corrective actions. 

Through reports, we obtain trips and speed information, kilometers traveled, etc. 

To apply the fuel and depreciation payment calculation for medical visitors. 

These are sent automatically every day at the end of the day to use by decision makers. 

Phase 3, solution: 

The solution in this phase is the application of personnel monitoring through the application and a policy for its use. 

An Android phone becomes a real-time gps tracker, which allows you to see where the person is. 

With very minimum battery consumption, as well as having a history of routes and the geo-referencing of customers. 

In addition, you can obtain a report of arrivals, time spent in a place and departures of the medical representatives. 

Remote monitoring in real time at the control center has the option of verifying if the sales representative is complying with the assigned route. 

Thus the supervisor or interested parties can obtain notifications of where their staff is, when they arrive and leave the visits. 

Through reports it is verified that the visitor complies with the assigned visit route. 

Likewise, compliance; avoiding supervision costs and improving the number of visits. 

With DeltaTracking you can have a vehicle business with GPS tracking and achieve optimization of operations.

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