Choosing a GPS device

When choosing a GPS device for your fleet of vehicles, there are several factors that you must consider in order to obtain the best possible value for your money. 

Although it will depend on the amount of money you have available to invest, and the needs of your company, there are some points that we recommend you take into account. Take note! 

5 factors to consider when choosing a GPS device 

Released device

Presently, many companies sell device, which, making an analogy with current telephones do not come released. In other words, there is no possibility of programming and 

configuring them. For this reason, the purchase turns out to be useless and represents an expense that cannot be taken advantage of. Therefore, it is a determining factor when choosing a GPS device. 


It is important that there is adequate support for updates or problems that may occur when using the device. Also, to explain their functions and have support in their implementation. 

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When choosing a GPS device, also consider the processor they have, which helps to maintain good stability in its operation. Such device needs to be qualified to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, non-stop. Therefore, taking into account that they have an average life of 4 years, the processor must be very robust to function and guarantee that it will not get ruined. 

Data consumption 

The computers that consume the least data are the ones that matter most. This is because excessive data consumption causes an increase in the monthly SIM bill. If so, the cost doubles or triples, this is not convenient for the business. 

Shipping costs and times 

As a GPS company there is a variable demand for the amount of device to handle in inventory. The larger the business, the more likely the inventory is. Therefore, if there are very long shipping times and the shipping cost has MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), you must know how to calculate a suitable stock. 

Choosing a GPS device

Other factors to consider 

Some additional functions that you should take into account when choosing a GPS device is that the devices have IP certifications, to guarantee greater durability against water. 

In addition, it is important that they are versatile to program, to be able to choose different functions and utilities. 

Finally, to choose a GPS device with a good value for your money, consider that if it is a liberated device and with the best processor, you will have a guarantee independent of the 

price. In other words, a team that lasts longer will always offer you greater profitability. 

If you have questions about choosing a GPS device for your fleet of vehicles, get in touch with us. An agent will give you free advice on the best option for your company.

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