Roles and users

In fleet management software, a critical point is to establish which actions the different roles and users can perform. The purpose is to prevent a user from accidentally or intentionally performing functions that do not correspond to them. 

For this purpose, DeltaTracking offers its clients an architecture of access and permission, based on roles and users. In such a way that the entrance to the functionalities of the GPS tracking platform can be delimited. 

Access can be limited by means of three credentials: account, username and password. Where the password within the system is encrypted and it is not possible to access it.  

Advantages of the roles and users tool  

Among the main benefits offered by the role and user functionality are the following:  

  • Provide temporary users to suppliers or clients, to follow up on their merchandise  
  • Create users with basic functionalities, only to view location  
  • Create alerts for a specific group of units, without affecting the entire fleet  
  • Have several levels of access from the main account, customer account, users, groups, roles, etc. 

Roles and users

Role types 

In the role and user tool of the DeltaTracking platform, there are currently three roles predefined: administrator, moderator and visitor. It is also possible to create custom roles 

according to specific needs, as well as limit access to unauthorized functions, from most to least. 

The main functions of the predefined roles are as follows: 


You have full access to the platform, except for the functions of the main account. 


It has an intermediate level of access, preventing the modification of parameters that affect the functionality of the devices. 


It has a low level of access, where you can only view the location. 

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User creation and role assignment 

Roles and users are normally assigned by the Company Administrator. However, they can be delegated by account, to the administrator of the platform, in each of the end customers. 

DeltaTracking has focused on generating step-by-step processes to generate ease in the creation of each area; therefore, the platform is completely intuitive. 

To create new users, just follow these steps: 

  1. Login to account 
  2. Go to the users tab 
  3. Click on the “new user” button 
  4. Follow the process step by step, facilitated through the wizard 
Roles and users

On the other hand, to create roles with specific permissions for users, the steps to follow are: 

  1. Login to account 
  2. Go to the users tab 
  3. Then go to the roles tab 
  4. Click on the “new role” button 
  5. Give the role a name. Through checkpoints, the accesses and permissions that this new role will have are selected and delimited 
  6. Finally, press the save button 

If you want more information on the role and user functionality of our GPS tracking tools, please contact us. We are ready to advise you and solve all your concerns.

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