Event history

Know the differences to apply them in your GPS monitoring company 

Any company needing to implement GPS tracking, event history is essential, implement it with DeltaTracking. 

GPS trackers allow you as a fleet manager to monitor arrival times and know the location of each vehicle in real time. 

For this reason in this article you will find the clear differences to be able to apply them in the best way in your company. 

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What is travel history? 

Travel history is the route that exists between two points, for example: 

Someone starts their vehicle at 7 a.m., leaves their house and arrives at work, turns off the vehicle at 8 a.m., this is considered a trip and the start and end identifiers are the on and off. 

Taking the example above: 

If the person had stopped to buy something along the way and had stopped the vehicle, then it would be two trips. 

Therefore, the history of the platform shows all the trips made in a date range that we specify, and then it will show: 

  • Departure address and final address. 
  • Travel time. 
  • Miles traveled. 

In addition to defining a trip by turning the vehicle on and off, we can define it by stopped time, so if we choose this option, the starting and ending point will not be by turning off but by time intervals of the stopped vehicle. 

Event history

What is event history? 

Event history contains much more information than the travel history, since many events can be generated in one trip. 

For the system, an event occurs every time the device is turned on and every minute depending on the programming. 

This means that for a one-hour trip there can be more than 60 events. 

The possible events that the platform stores are: 

  • Ignition 
  • Switched on 
  • Speed ​​limit  
  • Panic button 
  • Sharp acceleration 
  • Hard braking 
  • Battery disconnection 
  • Battery reconnection 
  • Turn Off 
Event history

Records of the traveling period both in events and trips 

The Deltatracking platform as such, records all events and stores them, and can be viewed on a screen. 

The trips are a function that the platform calculates and can be called a grouping of events. 

Step-by-step location registration of vehicles 

The platform generates a marking in real time that is stored in the system. 

As a result, the event history can be generated to display it. 

At DeltaTracking we can advise you and give you all the necessary tools to have complete records. In both circumstances, events and trips; to have better control, and therefore take your company to another level.

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