Door opening

The door open sensor is a device used to determine if the doors of a vehicle are open or closed. This includes the hood and trunk. 

By recording door opening and closing events, these sensors generate a digital signal to the GPS device. The information is sent to the satellite tracking platform to generate the corresponding alert. 

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Benefits of implementing a door opening sensor 

In general, this type of sensor is used to know the status of the doors and take actions according to the context of the industry in which it is located. A door opening sensor makes it possible to identify unauthorized openings and react in real time, thus improving security and avoiding possible thefts. 

Knowing the time and place when a door opens or closes is useful to detect and be alerted to: 

  • Unauthorized exits by the unit operator 
  • Inputs from people outside the operator 
  • Entry of people during non-permitted hours of operation 
  • Entry of passengers in an UBER vehicle 
Door opening

Factors to consider when purchasing these sensors 

There are some sensors that, due to mechanical reasons, tend to be damaged over time. In others such as opticians, dirt can deliver false. positive or negative. For this reason it is important to choose the desired solution and have a maintenance plan for the sensors. 

There are magnetic, optical, pressure, microswitch, etc. door opening sensors. Each with different performance characteristics, but with the same result. 

That is, deliver a signal change that is detected by a digital input of the GPS device, which sends the information to the application server, such as DeltaTracking. In order for the notification to be sent and the event registered, for further analysis. 

Regarding which are the best door opening sensors, this depends on many factors, but in general, any solution is good with good handling and maintenance. 

DeltaTracking offers the following tools for door opening sensors: real-time alerts and reports for later verification of the data. 

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