Rental fleets

In addition to the ease of having a vehicle, according to the needs of the person or business, rental vehicle services save time, capital, maintenance costs and offer tax advantages.

For this reason, companies that are dedicated to car rental must consider all possible measures to have total control of the activity carried out by their units, in order to guarantee that they provide a 100% service.

That is why the implementation of software and location systems in rental vehicle fleets are of great benefit and become essential to keep good data control.

This data must be accurate and easily accessible, in order to have a maintenance log, know where the units are located, know where to locate the hired vehicles and thus avoid theft.

Factors to consider when purchasing GPS equipment for rental vehicle fleets

When choosing GPS software or equipment for the location management of a fleet of rental vehicles, it is important to take into account the following aspects:

  • The durability of the devices to be purchased.
  • That the supplier provides the corresponding attention to the client.
  • The software used to track our chosen GPS devices must be user-friendly.
  • The purchased GPS device must be guaranteed, both for its quality, as well as for other customers.
  • Its trajectory of efficiency must be part of the support, to provide us with greater security when acquiring it.
  • The devices must be adapted to the technology and provide us with the functions we need.
  • Distributor must have development options for the implementation of new projects, relying on the GPS devices that we acquire.
  • The value must be accessible and competitive within the market. It must go hand in hand with the quality of operation and technology that the selected GPS equipment has.

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Characteristics of the GPS to install in fleets of rental vehicles

There are certain characteristics that you should consider in the GPS equipment that you install in your fleet of rental vehicles. Among them:

  • They must be resistant to the different invasive agents in the environment.
  • Being able to detect efficient driving, Eco-Driving.
  • Generate various alerts, such as on, off, speed limit, trailer indication, etc.
  • Have the option of engine shutdown.
  • Detector of interference to GSM signals, that the device has this alert.
  • Be of standard size.
  • Easy to install.
  • Be compatible with other accessories or sensors.

The most demanded GPS for rental car fleets

Within the market there is a wide variety of GPS devices that can be used in the rental vehicle sector. Among them we can mention the following brands that distribute good quality 

equipment and fill the above characteristics.

  • DCT.

Rental fleets

At DeltaTracking we provide you with effective advice and tools for managing your rental vehicle fleets, through the best technology in GPS tracking platforms. Contact us to expand the information.

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