Driver control

The best way to register schedules, routes, shifts and thus optimize your resources. 

DeltaTracking is a very complete platform that will help you to have the records and control of drivers in real time. 

A driver is obliged to obey different rules according to the vehicle, the place and the moment in which they use it. 

And for your business to grow it is necessary to identify shifts and drivers. 

Identify your drivers with the DeltaTracking platform 

At DeltaTracking we are known for providing user-friendly software with a wide range of functions, which help us optimize our resources and centralize as much information as possible that is of help to us. 

Therefore, within these functions, DeltaTracking provides the driver control option. 

Within our platform we can create, edit and delete the drivers we want. 

It also gives you the facility to identify your drivers by name, aliases, code or any identifier you want to place on them. 

In the main monitoring screen you can locate the box with all the driver information, for example: 

  • Name of the driver 
  • Driver’s phone number. 
  • Time was linked to the platform. 
  • Avatar to identify it. 
  • Option to link or unlink it from the unit manually. 

Control of drivers in work shifts 

The DeltaTracking platform has options to indicate the time when a driver connects and starts the unit with it, you can: 

  • Gather the necessary information to record the operational hours of each unit. 
  • Create the driver link either manually or through our Driver App. 
  • Keep track of the fatigue times of the units. 

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Driver bonding 

The way to link a conductor to a unit can be done in 2 ways: 

1. Driver APP: 

Through our application, the driver can link to any unit by scanning only the QR code. 

Our platform assigns this code to each vehicle and it will automatically be assigned to that unit. 

When scanning the code for another unit, it will be unlinked from the old unit and linked to the new unit in use. 

Driver control

2. Platform: 

Through this they will be able to link the driver to the unit as well as to unlink him from it. 

There is the option to link a driver, by displaying the list of drivers that it has and selecting the one chosen and you are done! 

If you want to unlink it, just select the unlink option in the same box and you are finished! 

These two processes are recorded in the reports of our platform and will indicate if the driver was assigned to any unit, this way you can have a better control of the drivers. 

Driver control

Generate reports of routes, drivers and work shifts 

DeltaTracking gives us the ease to be able to generate the route reports; these tell us if the unit had any deviation in the programmed route or if there was a stop not allowed on the 


With the driver report we can maximize the operational efficiency of units to be more profitable and productive, since it allows us to: 

  • Identify the vehicles that had associated drivers. 
  • The time they were linked manually or through our Driver app. 
  • Identify work shifts. 

Therefore we will be able to find all the information necessary to determine the activity of both the pilot and the unit in their work schedules. 

Benefits of DeltaTracking in my monitoring company 

The use of technology is one of the tools that can bring us the most benefits when incorporating it into our industry or business. 

That is why DeltaTracking becomes the best ally to be able to achieve all those goals that you have set in your industry. 

  • This gives you the benefits of an efficient platform. 
  • It has as much information as possible in a simple and quick way. 
  • You can have full control of your units, knowing where they are in real time. 
  • Record travel histories, all from your computer or any mobile device. 
  • Wide coverage, including all of America and Europe. 
  • Adaptability, our platform focuses on business logistics. 
  • Allow your company to adapt to the wide range of tools. 
  • You can implement new projects that help you achieve your goals. 
  • Innovation: which is always constant and in this way gives new browsing experiences. 

In this manner, DeltaTracking makes it easier for you to manage your units and your accounts.

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