Vehicle rental

Car rental is an option that more people and companies choose every day. That is why in companies that are dedicated to renting vehicles, GPS geolocation has become essential for the security and control of the units. 

GPS tracking offers many benefits to these companies that need to know the location of their units. They must also verify the number of kilometers traveled, check there are no battery disconnections or hood openings, and remotely turn off a vehicle in case of non-return or theft. 

These aspects are important to monitor, some in real time and others through reports that the system provides. 

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What reports does DeltaTracking offer for the management of vehicle rental fleets? 

All DeltaTracking reports are parameterized/configurable in dates, devices and delivery schedules. Below you will find a list of the reports offered by the DeltaTracking platform in the management of vehicle rental fleets, as well as a brief description of each one. 

Motion summary 

This report generates all the information of the units based on the selected parameters. 

Vehicle rental


It allows to identify the infractions to the allowed speed limit, according to the driving regulations. With this, the handling of each driver can be validated. You can also verify fines or in case of an accident, be able to deduce if it was due to speeding or another reason. 

Vehicle rental

Fleet Operating Times 

It shows information about the units, such as the number of hours a vehicle was on or off, distance traveled, fuel consumption, among others. 

Event detail 

It is one of the DeltaTracking reports in the management of vehicle rental fleets where the greatest amount of information on the units is found, since each event generated is detailed. 

Other reports 

Trip report 

It allows knowing the departure and arrival time of the units at their destinations. It also shows how long the trip lasted, if it generates any additional events and the fuel level. 

Fleet maintenance 

It allows identifying each service the units has had. As well as the reason for which they were admitted to the workshop, if that were the case. It contains a log of services. 


Provides the report of temperature loss or rise in the “theroking.” 


It provides us with the consumption, either through the sensor or through a table of equivalences, to have an approximate fuel consumption, based on efficiency. 

On-screen notifications 

They help to be aware of any notice that may be important for the control of the vehicle rental fleet. If there is an emergency through the panic button, or if the vehicle is towed. 

Linking of Drivers 

This option helps to assign a driver to a certain unit and thus be able to keep track of the pilots’ operations, with respect to the units in the fleet. 

Benefits offered by a GPS tracking platform to renting companies 

Hiring a platform like the one offered by DeltaTracking has numerous benefits for vehicle rental companies, among the ones that stand out are: 

  • Detailed reports of the activity of each unit 
  • Verification of hours worked 
  • Receive personalized notifications 
  • Implementation of different types of sensors, depending on the branch in which the unit is used 
  • Over speed meter 
  • Control of the vehicle fleet through software that allows 
  • its visualization in real time, on a screen with different map views 
  • Control the units from a phone, tablet or PC 
  • Enable and disable the engine start function. In this way you can avoid the use of the vehicle at times not allowed 
  • Maintenance control from the same software used for localization 
  • Verification of work routes, to analyze the performance of the units and evaluate their profitability 
  • Operational control over running units, to maximize your work 
  • Asset and driver safety 
  • Savings in insurance companies, since they charge less deductibles knowing that the vehicles have tracking systems 
  • Control of drivers to know their performance and determine the application of good defensive driving. The above through behaviors reflected in the different reports 
  • Provide optimal service to customers 

The DeltaTracking platform offers its clients the greatest stability in the market in terms of the functionality of its servers and technical support. It also has a safe and reliable management of users and passwords, and contingency plans in cases of emergency. 

If you want more information about our DeltaTracking platform and how it can help you in managing your vehicle rental fleet, do not hesitate to contact us. One of our advisors will solve all your doubts or concerns. 

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