Booth microphone

Implementing satellite tracking in transportation fleet management has numerous benefits. 

The adoption of these systems allows, among others, to place a microphone in the cab of the units, which is useful in driver management. 

These microphones work in one or two ways, they are practical and avoid interference in communication, making it more effective. 

Main uses 

When units are on the move, communication with pilots can be difficult. That is why installing bidirectional audio (microphones and speakers) can be useful to maintain permanent communication with drivers. At the same time, it allows you to interact with them safely, since they will be able to listen hands-free. 

Having a microphone in the cockpit also allows you to react promptly to bad driving habits by pilots and to correct them. It also helps drivers to easily report any emergency or unwanted event that occurs on the road. 

On the other hand, there is the option of installing a secret microphone or spy microphone, which allows you to hear in real time what is being spoken in the cabin of the vehicle, without the people on board noticing. 

A spy microphone can be useful at the time of a robbery or assault. It also helps to identify if there are passengers in the cabin. It also allows us to know the behavior of the driver, especially when dishonest employees are suspected. 

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How does a booth microphone work? 

The first thing is to install a computer that has this functionality. Such as the GV300W or GV300 from Queclink. 

Then, you have to configure the programming of the equipment so that it can answer phone calls. It is necessary to have a SIM that allows access to the voice channel. 

Taking these precedents, the user can make a call to the SIM phone number. When performing, the GPS opens the microphone channel and the person who made the call will be able to hear everything that happens in the place where the microphone was installed. 

GPS equipment that has microphone functionality is usually 20% more expensive with some providers. With others, the equipment is not expensive, but the microphone has to be Bluetooth, which increases the costs. 

Installing a microphone in the booth 

Installing a booth microphone can be more or less complex. In wiring, the better the installation is done, the more complex it is. That is, the microphone has two cables that can easily be connected, but if you want to have good reception, you need to wire and secure the cable in such a way that it is not exposed. 

On the other hand, in Bluetooth, since they are not wired it is easier, but they require an electrical connection which is also complicated if there is no power in the place to be installed. 

Booth microphone

Among the equipment that has the capacity for booth microphone service, we can mention the following brands: Queclink, Teltonika and Atrack. Being the first, the most recommended. 

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