Deltatracking Maintenance Guide

Keeping an efficient control of the automotive maintenance of the fleet is essential for companies that have vehicles. 

Especially since this generates one of the highest costs they face. With our DeltaTracking Maintenance Guide you can program the automotive maintenance services of your fleet, very easily. 

Keep in mind that by performing preventive and / or corrective maintenance in a timely manner, benefits are obtained such as: savings in this area; prevent incidents; guarantee the safety of drivers and vehicles, as well as the availability of the fleet. 

Characteristics of the Maintenance module 

To schedule the automotive services of a fleet, the DeltaTracking platform has a module called Maintenance. 

This module is characterized by being intuitive, standard, effective and exact. It allows you to configure alerts via e-mail when the configured parameters are met. Both in time and in distance, which correspond to the maintenance to be carried out on a vehicle. 

It is quite simple to use, since the same system guides the user on the data to be parameterized. The following types of services can be programmed with variants within them: recurring, non-recurring, distance and time maintenance. On the other hand, the module allows obtaining a report with the amount of maintenance that is close to expiring and expired, in a date and time range. 

DeltaTracking Maintenance Guide 

With the following DeltaTracking Maintenance Guide, you can easily schedule your automotive services. Take note of the steps to follow.  

Create a new maintenance service  

1. Enter the platform.    

2. Enter Fleet / Maintenance. 

Deltatracking Maintenance Guide

3. Click on “New service” 

4. Select a unit for which you want to generate maintenance.  

5. Then choose the type of maintenance desired (preventive or corrective). 

6. Define if it will be a single report or it will be recurring.  

7. If it is recurring, choose whether it will be evaluated by distance or time. 

8. If it is by distance, set the initial kilometer, the frequency at which the evaluation will be carried out and the number of kilometers remaining.  

9. If it is by time, define the date and time range in which it will take place. As well as the days in advance with which the alert will be sent. 

Deltatracking Maintenance Guide

10. Enter the details of the service, such as oil change, tires, engine, etc. 

11. Enter the email addresses where the alerts should go. It is important to separate them by a comma, without spaces.  

12. Finally choose or create a workshop. 

13. Press the save button and the maintenance will be created and working. 

Edit and / or delete a scheduled service 

  1. Enter Fleet / Maintenance / “Recurring” tab.  
  2. Press on the maintenance to edit or delete.  
  3. Hit the edit icon. 
  4. Proceed to choose. 

Create a new workshop 

You can also follow the steps in our DeltaTracking Maintenance Guide:     

  1. Enter to create a new maintenance.    
  2. At the bottom you will see the option to add a new workshop. 
  3. Fill in the data. 
  4. To finish, press the save button. 

Edit and / or delete a workshop 

  1. Enter the Workshops section 
  2. Select the workshop to edit or delete 
  3. To edit information, click on the Edit icon and then click on the Save button. 
  4. To delete a workshop, press the trash can icon and then click OK. 

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What states of automotive maintenance exist and what are they for? 

States are labels that are provided to maintenance. They serve to keep track of the stage in which they are. 

The system evaluates the progress of the maintenance and automatically assigns it one of these five statuses, based on the result. 

  • Scheduled 
  • Slopes 
  • In service 
  • Expired 
  • Finalized 

Unlike other platforms where the process to manage the automotive maintenance of a fleet is complex to use. With DeltaTracking it’s easy. The same system guides the user to create maintenance and configure alerts via e-mail. 

In addition to our DeltaTracking Maintenance Guide, when acquiring the service you can coordinate a training on this module with support. 

If you want more information, please contact us. One of our advisors will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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