Asset monitoring

The crisis generated by COVID-19 has had a strong impact on all economic sectors. While some lines of businesses such as public transportation were hit by the pandemic, it favored the growth of other industries. For example, last mile services, cargo transportation and the hygiene items industry. Sectors, where asset monitoring is very important. 

In order to mitigate the economic and operational impact on the asset monitoring industry, it is essential to control costs to avoid a lack of liquidity. It is also an appropriate time for the placement of services, since it is a new need in this time of pandemic. 

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Fleet management during and after the pandemic 

In terms of fleet management, motor carriers must make adjustments to cushion the economic and operational impact. Especially in fleets dedicated to freight transport. 

At this point DeltaTracking offers complete fleet management. From monitoring assets in real time, to reports that allow remote monitoring of them. With this, it offers the opportunity to work even with time restrictions for supervisors and administrative force. 

That is why remote fleet management will position itself as a competitive alternative after the pandemic. Meanwhile, during the crisis, it represents the opportunity for this new management format to be adopted. In addition to demonstrate its usefulness in different scenarios. 

Asset monitoring

Opportunities for the asset monitoring industry, in times of Covid 

With all the bad news, the pandemic has also opened up opportunities for some industries. Regarding asset monitoring, it has promoted the digitization of companies in the transportation sector. Something that we are seeing in DeltaTracking, where every day we support more entrepreneurs who start in the business, since the market demands more and more remote GPS tracking services. 

Among the competitive advantages that telemetry offers to transport companies is being able to obtain variables that allow detecting anomalies in the operation, fraud, as well as taking advantage of new savings opportunities. 

In the midst of the crisis generated by Covid-19, the opportunity for the asset monitoring sector will be to demonstrate the efficiency of remote location. 

At DeltaTracking we provide you with effective advice and tools through the best technology in GPS tracking. Contact us so we can provide you with more information. 

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