Creation of routes

Correct route management reduces logistics costs and saves time and resources for companies. Today we explain step by step how the creation of routes works within the DeltaTracking platform. 

When we talk about transport routes within fleet management, we refer to configurations that are made on a map, from an initial point to a final one. These routes allow us to assess whether a vehicle is in the correct location assigned to it. 

The DeltaTracking routes module basically allows us to automatically trace a route, from point A to point B. Taking into account the direction of the roads and the shortest path, among others. 

Having software for route management allows you to design and improve work routes, delivery or distribution of products. 

As well as adapting them to the needs of the company, modifying and updating them, in order to make them more efficient and productive. 

The main objective of creating routes is to be able to obtain an alert in real time, when one or more of our assets enter or leave the route. Therefore, when one of these actions happens, DeltaTracking will send a notification through the different alert channels (email, Telegram and Notification Panel). 

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Enter the routes module 

  1. Enter the platform with your credentials. 
  2. On the main screen, click on the Monitoring option and then on Map. 
  3. Now click on the routes icon that is in the upper right corner, on the map part. 
Creation of routes

Route creation 

Creating routes is quite simple, just follow these steps: 

  1. Enter Monitoring and then Map, from the main screen. 
  2. Click on the Route icon. 
  3. Then select the New option. 
  4. Give the route a name and proceed to set the starting point on the map, confirming at check-in.  
  5. Then locate the end point of the route and confirm again with the check. If available, the route will be displayed on the map, at the selected location. 
  6. Finally press the Save button to leave the stored route. 
Creation of routes

View a created route 

If instead of creating new routes, you want to see the information of an existing route, follow these steps: 

  1. Enter the Monitoring screen and then Map. 
  2. Press the routes icon to display the list of routes created. 
  3. To see a specific one, select the box next to the name of the route, which will be displayed on the map. 

Modify a route 

If instead of creating routes, you want to modify an already 

created one, follow these steps: 

  1. Enter Monitoring and then Map, from the main screen. 
  2. Select the route you want to modify. 
  3. Then click on the pencil icon (edit). From here you can modify the following parameters:
  • The location of the start or end point. You just have to move within the map, the point you want to change place and automatically the route will proceed to update itself. 
  • The assigned group / fleet to which the route will apply. 
  • Name of the route. 
  • Path color. 

Delete a route 

  1. Enter Monitoring and then Map, from the main screen. 
  2. Then click on the pencil icon (edit). 
  3. While inside, click on the trash icon. 
  4. Indicate that you want to delete the selected route, when it shows you the confirmation message. 

In the DeltaTracking reports module, you will find a routes report available, which displays a history of the entries and exits that the fleet units have had, in the different configured 


As you can see the creation of routes, update or elimination of them, is a fairly simple process to carry out with our DeltaTracking platform. 

If you have any questions about the routes module, contact us and one of our advisors will provide you with the support you need. 

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