Towing alert

You can get a control of your vehicles even when they are switched off 

With the DeltaTracking platform you can activate the towing alert and have control of the vehicles even when they are off. 

A towing truck can be understood as a cargo transport that does not have an engine or its own traction, or that has the engine turned off, so it must be driven by another vehicle, the concept is also used to name what is towed. 

On this occasion we will explain what towing alerts are and how to use them to take care of your vehicle fleet. 

What is a towing alert? 

A towing alert is an analysis that is performed to detect when a vehicle is started while in the “Off” state. 

It is possible to receive it through the different Notification channels such as: 

Email, Telegram and Notification Panel in the Monitoring> Map module.

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How are towing alerts generated? 

They can basically be generated in two ways: 

  1. Some devices generate a specific towing event, detecting the moment it is started while being switched off. Then these are detected by the platform and generate the alert automatically. 
  1. The other form of evaluation is generated by the GPS platform. Since it analyzes the current status of the vehicle “off” and when presenting a speed greater than 10Km/h it automatically generates the alert. 

How to use the alert in my vehicle fleet? 

This alert is useful to detect mainly unauthorized movements in the vehicle fleet. 

But specifically it can be applied to the following types of vehicles: 


In this type of vehicle a towing alert is of utmost importance. 

Since in most cases, motorcycles are stolen by uploading them in a second car. 

Therefore, the towing alert allows us to know exactly when the motorcycle is put in motion when it is off. 

Heavy machinery 

In heavy machinery, it is also common that when stolen, they proceed to transport them in a Lowboy. 

Therefore, this alert can mean the key point to avoid a theft and thus activate an immediate recovery protocol. 

Towing alert

Devices needed for towing alerts 

Most of the Queclink brand devices among their configurations, have the option to activate the towing event. 

Steps to follow to activate the towing alert: 

  • Just activate it 
  • Set the parameters, both the time in the off state and the frequency with which the towing alert will be sent. 
  • Activate time in motion 
  • And finally, if desired, generate some activation of the digital output. 

For devices that do not have this event, DeltaTracking allows the configuration of a towing alert by analyzing the state of the vehicle and its current speed. 

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