Employee location

The location of employees via GPS is being increasingly used in the workplace, as a form of business control. 

It has become an effective means for managing the activities of employees. As well as to know at any time where they are. 

The data collected through the GPS, serve companies to optimize processes, control tasks, increase security and even for possible sanctions. 

How does employee localization work? 

Portable GPS devices with long-lasting batteries or applications that convert 

smartphones into GPS can be used to locate employees. 

In addition to the location of the mobile or portable GPS, some devices allow us to know the speed at which the person is moving. Know if it is moving or stopped and the 

possibility of pressing the panic button in an emergency. 

Most portable GPS devices intended for monitoring or locating employees are designed for use in your pocket. Although they can be used inside a briefcase, backpack, bag, etc. 

Likewise, GPS devices can be placed in the collaborator’s car or smartphone. 

The best GPS or smartphones for this task are the ones with the highest battery capacity. This is because the use of location and data simultaneously requires a great capacity for autonomy. 

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Benefits of locating employees via GPS 

The location of employees using GPS brings several benefits to companies, including: 

Being able to know the location of your workers all the time. 

Validate that they comply with the established schedules and tasks. 

Add security to employees. Since it has a panic button that can be pressed in case of dangerous situations. 

Employees become more productive and can perform their tasks more easily and efficiently. 

Employee location

The use of GPS technology to locate employees is legal, as long as these two factors are met: 

  1. That it is only within the agreed working hours. 
  2. That the employee is aware that their location is being monitored in order to optimize the performance of their work and their safety. 

Most companies provide a cell phone for employee use or a portable GPS device. Being property of the same, it should not represent a risk to the privacy of the worker, if the 

monitoring is carried out only at the established time. 

Employee location with DeltaTracking 

DeltaTracking offers its clients the GPS employee location service. 

Currently, most portable devices used for this task have been customized. 

In addition, DeltaTracking has the “Personal Tracker” Application. Which turns the 

smartphone into a mobile GPS, to generate the location to the GPS platform. 

Employee location

For more information about the employee location service, call us or write to us. Our agents are ready to advise you and solve all your concerns. 

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