Driver linking

By linking drivers you can gain efficient control of your drivers, which is essential for transportation companies. 

The act of assigning the personal profile of a driver to a vehicle in a fleet is known as driver linking. 

This allows you to know who is the driver assigned to a particular unit and have access to their profile data at any time. 

In addition, with retroactive analysis you can find out which driver was assigned on an specific date and time. 

Ways of linking conductors 

There are 3 ways to perform the linking of drivers: 

  • From the map, in the information module, you can display the list of drivers and select the one that corresponds. 
  • In the Driver APP, scanning the printed QR code, placed inside the vehicle cabin. 
  • From the configuration of each device. Among the parameters to be placed, there is the driver and it can be selected from the creation or edition of a vehicle. 

For its part, unlinking is done only from the platform, on the map screen, by pressing the unlink button. 

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How to use the driver’s module? 

In the driver’s module of the DeltaTracking platform, you will be able to create profiles of the drivers who operate your vehicles, edit them and easily link drivers. 

Here’s how to do it step by step. 

Enter the driver’s module  

  • Log in to your account 
  • From the left side menu, select the FLEET option 
  • Then select the option of CONDUCTORS 
Driver linking

Create a new driver 

To perform this task, follow these steps: 

  • Go to the FLEET tab 
  • Then select CONDUCTORS and press the NEW option. 
  • From there you can select an Avatar for the driver, put his name and most importantly, his phone number. 
  • You can also add pilot data such as his driver’s license number, his date of birth, address, identification document (SSN) and some other necessary information in the note section. 
Driver linking

Modify the information 

  • Go to the FLEET tab, select CONDUCTORS 
  • Press the driver you want to modify and then the EDIT option. 
  • Change the necessary information and then press the Save button. 

Delete a driver 

  • Go to the FLEET tab, select CONDUCTORS 
  • Press the driver you want to delete and click EDIT 
  • Then inside, press the DELETE button 
  • Confirm the deletion and you’re done. 

Module reports 

In the DeltaTracking platform you have the following specific reports available for drivers: 

Driver Linking 

Validate driver assignments and dismissals in a vehicle and a date and time range. 

Driver sessions 

Verify the drivers’ APP login in a date and time range. 

Driver trips 

List of trips made by a driver in a range of time. 

In conclusion, drivers and vehicles are the main assets of a transport company. For this reason, the proper management of your pilots will allow you to make better decisions and will mean advantages over time for your business. 

To achieve this objective, DeltaTracking offers you a fleet control platform. 

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