GPS jamming

GPS jamming is used by criminals to block the signal from GPS devices installed in vehicle fleets. 

They do this to commit illicit acts, such as stealing the vehicles or the assets they transport, without being detected. 

If you own a fleet of vehicles or are in charge of the operations and logistics management of a transport company, you will be interested in knowing what jamming is, how to detect it and avoid it. 

Keep reading because here we will tell you everything you need to know about jamming and how to mitigate its impact. 

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What is GPS Jamming? 

GPS jamming is a technique that consists of canceling the radio signals or waves emitted by a GPS device. 

This interference occurs on purpose and is done through radio frequency signals. 

Its objective is to interfere with a signal on the same frequency and with a power greater than that of GPS devices. 

The above, in order to partially or totally block signal reception, and thus, prevent bilateral communication. 

A jammer is a device that deliberately interferes with or blocks various types of communication signals. 

Physically it is presented as a type of metal box with multiple visible antennas, wiring to connect to power and some remote control to select the functions. 

Some GPS devices have the option of anti-jamming detection and some do not. 

Those that have it and are correctly configured, emit an event to the tracking platform, where it is recognized and transmitted. 

In addition, they can activate the engine stop, evaluating a prudent speed. 

GPS jamming

Anti-jamming technology 

Today there is the so-called anti-jamming technology that is integrated into mid-high-end GPS devices upwards. 

This technology is responsible for detecting when an interfering signal is active. So that through its detection it can perform various tasks; such as sending an alert to the GPS platform, turning off the vehicle, among others. 

A jamming detection system basically works like a receiver. Which when detecting a signal of the same frequency and with a higher power, activates an alert and jamming detection event. 

How to protect yourself from GPS jamming? 

To detect and protect against jamming, the ideal is to be able to detect the interference signal with GPS devices and send an immediate alert to the server, and then follow an action protocol. 

While satellite tracking platforms can detect the presence of a jammer or signal inhibitor; these depend on the information sent by the GPS devices. 

This is the only way to discover the presence of a jammer and to set rules of how to act when detecting it. 

Additionally, it is recommended to install the GPS in an extremely hidden place, to make physical detection difficult. 

Undoubtedly the use of jamming is a major challenge for transportation companies. Since, there is no technology that is 100% immune to jammers. 

However, thanks to the versatility of some GPS devices and modern satellite tracking systems, this problem can be effectively countered. 

DeltaTracking offers the reading of the event sent by the GPS devices as a warning of jamming detection, and can activate an immediate alert to the different notification channels, such as email, Telegram, notification panel and in APP. 

GPS jamming

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