FOTA method

Today we will talk about the use of the FOTA method in GPS devices. We will explain what it consists of, how it works and its main characteristics and advantages. 

FOTA, or firmware over-the-air, for its acronym in English, is a technology that allows updating the firmware of a GPS device, via the internet wirelessly. 

This method is used as an alternative to keep it up to date, without the need to physically access the device. 

It is important to know that updates are essential to keep computers safe, add new functionality, and correct bugs. 

Hence, the optimal functioning of the device is kept to date, plus you are saving in maintenance costs. 

The main characteristics of the FOTA method include: 

  • Wireless connection 
  • Ease of installation 
  • Effectiveness of keeping the device up to date 

In order to apply the FOTA method, it is necessary that the SIM Card to be used has enough mobile data to download the installation package. 

Likewise, you should not have communication restrictions to any IP address

This is because some SIM Cards have a single configured IP, where they can communicate, which prevents the application of the FOTA method. 

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How does the FOTA method work on GPS devices? 

To perform the firmware update via FOTA, the GPS device must be configured with the Server. As well as the Port to which it must connect. 

Then, through a command sent either by SMS or by GPRS, the firmware is downloaded to the equipment from the internet and later installed. 

The use of the FOTA technology or method is very useful in locating via GPS. 

The reason is that if the device is updated with the latest firmware, it will avoid problems when connecting to the satellites and querying the location; since you will always have the latest protocols to use. 

Additionally, the equipment will be less likely to lose signal by having updated firmware. 

FOTA method

Advantages and disadvantages of the FOTA method  

Some advantages of using FOTA technology in GPS devices are the following: 

  • It avoids having to go to where the device is, to load the firmware. 
  • Saves the staff time to perform manual update 
  • It is very practical to use 

However, this method requires somewhat high data consumption to download the firmware to the device. 

In addition, when you want to update it, there may be no connection with the device, which makes it difficult to implement. 

In short, FOTA technology in GPS devices is a novel way to keep device firmware up-to-date and secure. 

However, its use depends on each brand of GPS trackers. 

For example, the brands Queclink and Teltonika have the possibility of updating the firmware using this technology, in most of their equipment. 

When purchasing GPS devices, the fact that they are compatible with FOTA will be an important advantage. Since, it will allow you to manage them remotely and effortlessly. 

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