DeltaTracking applications

DeltaTracking applications are part of the constant innovation that characterizes us. 

That is why we have developed the GPS Tracking APP, our new application for vehicle monitoring. 

It is an innovative solution, designed and structured to provide the necessary information to the end customer. 

GPS Tracking was designed by our team of developers. It is a hybrid application, capable of running on Android and iOS. 

The recommendations for the Android version are: Android 5.1+ up to 11. While for the iOS version, iOS 12+ is recommended. 

It also requires + 1GB of RAM and mobile data internet or WIFI.   

Advantages offered by the new application  

DeltaTracking applications are tailored to user needs and provide comprehensive information on units. 

As for GPS Tracking, it is a versatile, friendly, fast, easy, intuitive and safe app for monitoring vehicles. 

In addition, you receive notifications and alerts and monitor the location of each vehicle on your account, all in real time. 

The main advantages of this application include: 

  • Ease of use of the App 
  • More intuitive features 
  • Greater compatibility with iOS 
  • More customizable 

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Features of the new GPS Tracking  

GPS Tracking is an application suitable for all audiences, focused on end users. 

Its main features include: 

  • Push notifications 
  • Real time monitoring 
  • Historical Consultation 
  • Custom settings 
  • Sending commands 
  • Multimode login 
  • Ease of location of the units 
DeltaTracking applications

The new GPS Tracking app provides the following information to the user: 

  • Real time location 
  • Event notifications 
  • Current speed 
  • State 
  • Assigned driver 
  • Latitude and longitude 
  • Approximate address 
  • Signal level
DeltaTracking applications

DeltaTracking applications and their differences  

We currently have two DeltaTracking applications for vehicle monitoring: GPS Monitoring, the current application, and GPS Tracking, the new app that is about to be launched. 

The latter seeks to provide basic options to the end user. 

Besides that it is simpler than the current one. 

The main differences of GPS Tracking, compared to GPS Monitoring include: 

  • Easy to use 
  • It is lighter than the current one 
  • Has new functionalities 
  • It has more specific functions 
  • Individual conversation per device 

For the first version of GPS Tracking, some options that are planned to be added later have been omitted. Between them: 

  • Reporting 
  • Dashboard Home 
  • Creation of Geofences and Drivers 

As you can see, GPS Tracking is an application made especially for your clients. In addition to its use, it does not imply any additional cost. 

At DeltaTracking we are always at the forefront. We are your best ally in GPS tracking software for you to develop your business. 

Call or write to us for more details about the new GPS Tracking application. 

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