Ruptela approved

Today we would like you to get acquainted with the Ruptela devices approved for the DeltaTracking platform. 

Ruptela is a leading brand worldwide that offers vehicle tracking and telematics solutions for fleet management. 

These devices are manufactured in Europe with high production standards. 

In addition, Ruptela devices are relatively easy to homologate, since they share the same protocol. 

So with the protocol file, we can homologate all the devices of this brand. 

Main characteristics of Ruptela device

Ruptela device is recommended for vehicles with valuable cargo and for fleets with many route evaluation requirements. 

These devices are characterized by their manageable costs with the options they provide. Its approximate cost is $65.00 USD – $75.00 USD 

Some models, such as the FM-TCO4, have a wide interface, which includes: 

  • 4 x Digital inputs 
  • 2 x Analog inputs 
  • 2 x digital outputs 
  • K-Line interface 
  • 2 x CAN interfaces 
  • 1-Wire interface

Serial ports 

  • 2 x RS232 (DFS, coolers, transparent channel, Garmin, RFID) 
  • 1 x RS485 (DFS, transparent channel, J1708 data read) 
  • User interfaces 
  • Mini USB interface 
  • 3 x LED Indicators 
  • 1 x 3.5mm Audio Interface 

Advantages of Ruptela devices 

Among the main advantages offered by Ruptela devices, we can indicate the following: 

  • They have very good sensors to evaluate the driver’s driving skills 
  • They have an option to audio 
  • Option to Fuel sensors 
  • Shock sensors 
  • Internal backup battery Outputs for cutting, or implementation of remote shutdown 

Ruptela devices models, most in demand 

Similar to Queclink, Ruptela has many models. These can be divided by series to group the variants. 

FM-Eco4 3G T 

  • Light 3G T 
  • 3G T 
  • 3G E T 
Ruptela approved


  • Reading OBD II Engine Error Codes 
  • Driver behavior monitoring (Eco-Drive) 
  • Internal geographical areas 
  • Various functions via SMS 
Ruptela approved


  • Driver behavior monitoring (Eco-Drive) 
  • Reading data from on-board computer (CANbus: J1708 and 
  • FMS) 
  • Temperature monitoring 
  • Driver identification and registration  
  • Remote ignition lock 
  • Fuel monitoring 
  • Internal geographical areas 
  • Interference avoidance function 
  • Various functions via SMS 

Ruptela models homologated to DeltaTracking  

Among the best versions of RUPTELA FM-ECO4 AND FM-TCO4 we find: 

  • Driver behavior monitoring (Eco-Drive) 
  • Reading data from on-board computer (CANbus: J1708 and FMS) 
  • Temperature monitoring 
  • Remote ignition lock 
  • Fuel monitoring 
  • Internal geofences 
  • Built-in antenna (FM-Eco4 + T, FM-Eco4 light + T, FM-Eco4 light T, FM-Eco4 + 3G T,FM-Eco4 light + 3G T) 
  • External antenna (FM-Eco4 + E T & FM-Eco4 + 3G E T) 
  • Integrated battery (except FM-Eco4 light T) 
  • 4x digital inputs   
  • 2 analog inputs 
  • 2x digital outputs 
  • 1-Wire interface 

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