Geofencing tips

Today, DeltaTracking wants to share with you some very useful geofencing tips. 

Geofences are tools integrated into a GPS tracking platform, like ours. 

They help to solve some problems that arise in the management of vehicle fleets, or when tracking objects or people. 

The creation of geofences makes it possible to draw a virtual border perimeter and define a geographic area of ​​interest. 

Its specific benefit is to be able to generate an event when a vehicle enters or exits the virtual perimeter, generating an alert. 

Hence, it allows having control of the vehicle units, defining the location of the routes that they should take, without leaving the previously established routes. 

When creating or using a geofence, the following should be considered: 

  • Locate the place or point where you want to place the perimeter 
  • Choose the type of geofence to use (Circular or Polygonal) 
  • Define if the geofence will affect all vehicles or a specific group 

Below we share some recommendations or geofencing tips, according to the sector where they are used. 

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Heavy transport 


The main problem this sector has is that the time when a carrier leaves with a trip is not known. Not the time it arrives at the destination. 

It is also not known how long it takes to unload the product at the destination, the departing time, as well as the time you return to the starting site. 


There is not enough information for decision making. For example, to optimize trips in terms of time and resources, or to meet the time agreed with the end customer, among others. 

Geofencing solution or advice 

Place geofences both at the departure site and at the destination. 

Geofencing tips


Being able to measure travel times. Know the exact moment when you left the premises and when you arrived at the destination. 

Also, know the time it lasted at the destination and receive alerts when you leave the place. 

With this, downtime is optimized and administrative procedures are streamlined to give them priority at the destination; which makes the operation more efficient. 

Geofencing Tips in the Sales or Pre-Sales Industry 


It is not exactly known, the control of visits that sellers make to their customers. Nor how many clients do they visit a week, etc. 


You are probably not reaching your desired sales goals. Time and resources are wasted and there is no control of information. 

Geofencing solution or tips 

Create geo-referenced geofences, every time the seller visits customers. 

This allows having an alert when entering the place, another when leaving and that the time and departure of the visit can be validated in a report. As well as the time it lasted inside the place. 

Geofencing tips


It allows having a record of all clients on the platform. As well as measuring the number of visits made by sellers each day or during the week. 

In addition, it allows measuring the duration time in each place, to make the logistics of the route more efficient, thus having better organization. 

Monitoring of older adults or children 


There is the issue of wanting to know if when children go to school, or when older adults stay home alone, are in the right place and Ok? Especially when elders suffer from memory loss. 


Being vulnerable to the loss of a person or the abduction of a minor is when technology becomes extremely useful. Moreover, not knowing where a child or older adult is, at the time of an emergency can be of much distress. 

Geofencing solution or tips 

Through portable GPS devices that can be placed in your pocket, purse, bag, etc., it is possible to define both internal geofences in the GPS device, as well as in the Tracking Platform. 

Geofencing tips


By having geofences created, it can be validated if the person is in the right place. 

If you leave it, you will receive an alert at the time. Or if you manage to move forward, you can monitor the journey and head to the location to meet the person. 

As you can see, the use of geofences offers effective results. 

With them you can receive alerts or notifications in real time, every time one of your transport units, which has a GPS tracker, enters or leaves said territory. 

For more information or Geofencing advice, write or call us to give you all the support you may need. 

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