Eelink approved for Deltatracking

Today is the turn to talk about Eelink devices approved for DeltaTracking. 

Eelink is a manufacturer of GPS devices with a wide variety of models to meet the tracking requirements of the current market. 

Such equipment is widely used in Latin America, especially in Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and the Dominican Republic. 

Eelink devices are recommended for fleets of medium trucks, vehicles, motorcycles, and people. 

They offer low costs ranging from ($35.00 to $50.00 US Dollars), in models with features that only high-end equipment offers; such as sensors for temperature, humidity, etc. 

Additionally, there are certain entry-level models like the TK121-S, which have only two cables for installation. What allows it to be easy and fast to place in vehicles or motorcycles. 

On the other hand, there are some models that have an IP67 waterproof and earth proof certificate. 

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Advantages and disadvantages 

Among the main advantages offered by Eelink equipment we have the following: 

  • They are easy to acquire devices, as there are many distributors of this brand 
  • They are very inexpensive, which helps entrepreneurs to explore and start working at a good cost 
  • The variety of models makes it possible to have a solution for various requirements 
  • Also offers compact sizes and easy installation 

Some disadvantages or drawbacks of these devices are: 

  • Their precision is poor; they have a high error range. Although its additional tools are very good, such as the mid-range or high-end ones 
  • Very special requirements cannot be covered, since the device configuration is not very complex. 
  • There are many distributors, which makes their models easily cloned 

The following Eelink models are the most sought after, as they are for vehicles. 

Its functions are as follows: 


  • Device with 3G connectivity 
  • Backup battery 
  • Vibration and collision sensor 
  • Cut currents 
  • IP67 certified 
Eelink approved for Deltatracking


  • Plug & play, easy installation in vehicle OBD port 
  • Collision sensor 
  • Ignition Detection 
  • Battery alerts 
Eelink approved for Deltatracking


  • Microphone option 
  • Panic button 
  • Remote shutdown 
  • Shock vibration sensor 


  • Watch-type tracking device 
  • IP67 certified 

Approving these devices is relatively easy. Like other models, only the GPS frame is decoded, thanks to a communication protocol offered by Eelink. 

Currently, the Eelink protocol is approved; so all models are certified and ready to work with our platform. 

For more information on Eelink equipment approved for DeltaTracking, call or write to us, in order to give you the advice you need. 

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