The Jointech GP4000 is a smart, Taiwanese-made tracker compatible with numerous accessories. 

It is a device widely tested in different countries, used in the management and monitoring of different types of fleets. 

Also, this model is recommended for cargo vehicles, delivery trucks, fuel pipes, and construction vehicles. 

Jointech GP4000 devices offer stable performance and high profitability, for which they are recognized in Latin America. 

However, this model is no longer used much today, since there are several devices that have the same accessory characteristics, but with a connection to 3G and 4G.


Jointech GP4000 Main Features 

This tracker has an on, off and panic button evaluation option. 

It has connection to external accessories such as fuel, camera, 

barcode reader and thermal sensor. 

In addition, it has numerous alarms, including: 

  • Geofence entry / exit 
  • Overtime parking 
  • Fatigue driving 
  • Speeding 
  • SOS (panic button) 
  • Backup battery jump start 
  • Illegal ignition 
  • Hard braking 
  • Neutral gear slip 
  • Fuel level change 
  • Unbuckle belt 
  • Trailer 
  • Access point 
  • Route deviation 
  • Speeding on a certain road 
  • Speeding in zone 
  • Temperature variation 
  • Abnormal tire pressure 
  • GPS antenna disconnection 

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Advantages and disadvantages 

The main advantages offered by the Jointech GP4000 tracker are as 


  • It is a complete device model with many features that are highly required by heavy duty vehicles. 
  • Compatible accessories are available on request from the factory 
  • It is one of the devices with more inputs (8) and outputs (6) on the market 
  • It has evaluations of the events most requested by clients 

However, this model also has the following drawbacks: 

  • It is a device that is not widely used today, due to its cost 
  • Accessories become very expensive 
  • The installation of accessories in this device is a bit complicated 

Accessories that can fit the Jointech GP4000 

Something that characterizes the Jointech GP4000 tracker is 

that it allows the adaptation of numerous accessories, such as: 

  • MDT (dispatch screen) 
  • Two-way voice / SMS dispatch 
  • Camera 
  • RFID 
  • High precision fuel level sensor 
  • Tire pressure monitoring sensor 
  • Password keyboard 
  • Taximeter 
  • Temperature and humidity sensor 
  • Two-way voice box 
  • Magnetic door sensor 
  • Concrete mixer sensor 
Jointech GP4000

Value for money 

If you are considering acquiring Jointech GP4000 trackers, keep in mind that this model is somewhat expensive. Available for as low as $ 75.00 USD., no accessories included. 

Similarly, accessories can cost more than other models such as Teltonika or Queclink, which are its main competitors. 

While the Jointech GP400 is a device that has several data inputs and outputs. If all these connections are not covered, it would be best to look for other models with a lower cost. 

Currently the protocol of this model is approved for the DeltaTracking platform. However, if more complex evaluations are required, work on the configuration will be necessary. 

If you want more information about these devices, do not hesitate to contact us and one of our agents will provide you with the advice you need. 

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