Today we want to tell you about the TopflyTech devices approved for our DeltaTracking tracking platform. 

Such a device is relatively easy to set up. However, when they send the information, they sometimes skip frames of the route that are important to the first record. 

This generates problems with alerts or with the status of the devices. Besides that the configuration is not very flexible. 

The TopflyTech models approved for our platform are: T8803, T8801, T8901. 

Characteristics of approved TopflyTech device

TopflyTech devices are Chinese made and recommended for all types of vehicles and people. 

One of the most demanded and used models is the T8808 SERIES. 

Unlike other brands, these trackers are characterized by their compact size and autonomy. 

They have several easy-to-install models, such as portables, OBD II devices for connection and tracking. 

Today TopflyTech devices are used for their price, although they are being used less and less. 

This is because there are other models that have OBDII and more compact portable devices and with more evaluation options. 

The main competitors of this brand are the Teltonika, Queclink, Meiligao and Cantrack trackers. 

Advantages and disadvantages of these device

One of the advantages of TopflyTech trackers is they are models with good resistance. They have more sealed housings and interior dust covers. 

In addition, they are easy to install and configure by SMS. 

As disadvantages, we have that its configuration is not very flexible, since it uses basic commands of the platform. 

On the other hand, their prices vary a lot. They are relatively expensive compared to models that work with the same form of installation, but have more evaluations. 

Information they provide 

The information provided by TopflyTech devices includes: 

  • Location 
  • Alerts on, off 
  • Information via OBDII for data evaluation 
  • Orientation and sudden movements 

Value for money of approved TopflyTech device

The TopflyTech device is a bit expensive. The evaluations they provide are also offered by devices from other brands, with more options and more test catalog. 

For example, there are models like the GV500 from Queclink, which has a list of tested vehicles, which TopflyTech does not have. 

These trackers can be used to reduce costs if external accessories are to be removed and evaluated from the vehicle’s computer. 

Before purchasing this device, keep in mind that most of them are basic models, with an equally basic configuration. 

If you want more information about approved TopflyTech devices, do not hesitate to contact us, so we can expand this information.

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