Suntech ST 3300

Today we want to introduce you to the line of GPS trackers, Suntech ST 3300, recommended for light vehicles, motorcycles and tractor trucks. 

These devices are manufactured by Suntech International, a company with headquarters in South Korea and a commercial presence in the United States, Brazil and Colombia. 

They also have offices in Mexico City, for distribution in Latin America. Therefore it is easy to get them in the region. 

This device also offers a complete catalog of tracking devices for various requirements. 

Suntech ST 3300 Main Features 

This devices are characterized by their versatility for the recognition and evaluation of location, speed and orientation. 

They have multiple interfaces, including RS232 port for sensor connection, i-Button reader, and temperature sensor. As well as: connection of sensors, various accessories and connection to relay to cut current. 

These devices are not certified. Its main competitors are: Queclink’s GV300W; the FMM130 from Teltonika and the CONCOX X3. 

Suntech ST 3300

Advantages and disadvantages 

Among the advantages offered by the Suntech ST 3300 devices, we 

have the following: 

  • Connection to sensors via RS232 port 
  • Complete accessories for evaluation 
  • Compact size 
  • 3G connectivity 
  • Easy installation 

The main disadvantage of these devices is the satellite  

connection, which can cause problems with the position. 

The antenna has shown to have certain problems with the 

configuration it brings, although it is not something frequent. 

Accessories adaptable to Suntech ST 3300

Suntech ST 3300 devices are trackers for multiple integrations and 

allow the following accessories to be adapted:  

  • Temperature sensor 
  • iButton 
  • Relay 
  • Fuel sensor 
  • Vehicle ignition 
  • RS232 sensors 

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Information they provide 

Suntech ST 3300 trackers can provide us with the following 


  • On-Off by connection to ignition 
  • Virtual on-off by motion recognition 
  • iButton 
  • Speed 
  • Orientation 
  • Over speed alerts, panic button, on and off indicators, and towing. 

Quality / price ratio of the Suntech ST 3300 

In terms of value for money, this device has several connections that make it perfect for the price it offers. This ranges between $ 65.00 and $71.00 USD  

On the other hand, most models that have connections for accessory extension are around the same price. 

Before purchasing Suntech ST 3300 equipment, keep in mind that it is a model that has several connections that cannot be wasted. Since its cost will be high if you want a basic tracking. 

If this is the case, look for a cheaper device with few inputs and evaluations. 

For more information about this line of GPS trackers, write or call us and we will gladly provide you with the best advice on this matter.

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