Types of GPS

There are several types of GPS with different applications and utilities

Today these devices have become essential pieces for organizations and companies in multiple sectors. 

If you are about to start a satellite tracking business, you should know the different types of GPS that exist and which ones are best for your business. 

The above will depend entirely on the data you need to collect. As well as the size and autonomy that is required. 

GPS types 

There are several types of GPS devices, including: 

Portable devices 

These locators are characterized by their compact size and are ideal for places with little or difficult access. 

They also have sufficient autonomy to provide the location and other data such as orientation, speed, sudden movements, etc. 

They also have a panic button and in most cases, they are rechargeable devices. 

Types of GPS

Integrated devices 

They are GPS devices with lines for connection. They are connected to the vehicle for power to perform the necessary position assessments. 

In addition, if the device allows it, they can evaluate vehicle data through the CAN port or others. 

The assessments that these tracking devices allow include: 

  • Turning the vehicle on and off 
  • Panic button 
  • Location 
  • Orientation 
  • CAN BUS 
  • Vehicle data (engine, oil, temperature, etc.), among others. 
Types of GPS

GPS receivers for integration-connection with other models 

They are antennas or cards that are used in order to obtain the location. They are integrated with other devices to jointly evaluate a wide variety of data. 

Types of GPS

Types of GPS according to their connection possibilities 

GPS are also classified according to their connection possibilities. In this sense they are divided into: 

  • GPS with 2G, 3G and 4G connection 
  • Bluetooth pagers 
  • GPS devices LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network)  
  • In Smartphones 
  • GPS satellite communication devices 

Points to consider when choosing GPS devices 

There are many satellite tracking equipment on the market today. 

There are different brands and models, of different prices, with basic and advanced functions, among other characteristics. 

When choosing GPS brands and models for your business, consider these factors: 

  • The size 
  • Its autonomy (duration of its battery) 
  • The data that the device evaluates 
  • The price 

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