GPS that stop marking

Over time there are GPS that stop marking, since these equipments are not infallible. This will make it impossible for us to know your location, your status, etc.

Considering the use of GPS and the control it allows is essential for the operation of a fleet, it will be necessary to quickly solve any failure may occur.

Keep reading and find out what are the main reasons why GPS stop marking; as well as the steps to follow to solve the most frequent problems.

The main factors why GPS stop marking or reporting are the following:

  • Lack of mobile data (Internet)
  • Misconfiguration of devices
  • Lack of signal in the place where the unit is located
  • Incorrect or vulnerable installation
  • The unit is located in a basement or garage
  • Failure to update device firmware
  • Vehicle battery is already faulty
  • The customer disconnected the vehicle battery due to being in the workshop or other reasons
  • Tampering by a third party
  • The useful life of the device has reached the end

From the above list, the lack of data, a damaged device, the lack of signal in the place, as well as the battery disconnection when being in the workshop, are usually the most frequent problems you may experience.

Basic Checkups / Tests

There are some basic checks that you can perform, when evaluating possible problems with GPS that stop dialing.

These include the following:

  • Check with the telephone provider if the SIM Card services are active and it has MB (megabytes) available for data transmission
  • Sending reset commands via SMS
  • Check in the history of the vehicle if it had any battery disconnection
  • Call the phone number of the SIM Card, to validate if it has a signal. (Local SIM Cards)
  • Verification of sending data through Log Viewer DeltaTracking

Steps to follow to solve frequent problems in GPS that stop dialing

It is important to establish processes or protocols that help solve frequent problems, when there are GPS that stop marking.

Below is an example of a suggested process to follow.

However, how to implement it and validate its effectiveness will depend on the way each company operates.

1.   The first thing will be to check if information is reaching the Log Viewer of the platform. If it arrives, contact an account executive and report the problem. Otherwise, continue with the next step.

2.   Check in the history, the time and date in which a unit stopped reporting and validate that there are no battery disconnections. If they exist, contact the customer and confirm if it is in the workshop or if it was disconnected for another reason. Otherwise, continue to the next step.

3.   Contact the telephone provider to validate the status of the SIM Card.

4.   Call the SIM Card number to validate signal (if possible)

5.   If you do not have a signal, request an update with the telephony, otherwise coordinate a physical review.

6.   If it has a signal, it proceeds with sending commands. And if these are not effective, coordinate a physical review.

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What to do if none of the above works?

As a last option in the process, there is always the physical review.

The latest firmware can be uploaded to the GPS device here, if allowed. As well as factory reset and load the configuration.

If in this case it no longer works, the device will have to be exchanged for a new one.

As you can see, there are several factors by which the GPS can stop marking or reporting. Start by ruling out the simplest, until you get to a physical check-up, if necessary.

If you have problems with your GPS units, do not hesitate to contact us. At DeltaTracking we are ready to provide you with the support and solution you need.

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