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Map Display

Multi monitoring

With this option you have access to the full visualization of one or many units in real time, this is ideal for managing large fleets and at the same time it gives you detailed information for each unit.

  • General Information.
  • Details
  • Localization
  • Drivers
  • Sensors

GPS Devices

You can manage your units in an organized way, classifying them into groups and highlighting the most relevant ones.
Status of the unit:

  • Drive status: Active/inactive.
  • Favorites check.
  • Send commands.
  • Records.

Multi Screen

You will be able to visualize more than one vehicle at the same time on the map, check your location and status. 

  • Different types of visualization.
  • Selection of units to monitor.


Different types of maps to improve the visualization of the points, traffic control and kilometers of the country. 

  • Automatic centering.
  • Quick access clicks.
  • Street map.
  • Traffic map.
  • Satelital map.


Event History

With the event history you have access to the time markings in a determined interval of time and you also can get relevant information from each unit.

  • Status of the unit
  • Speed
  • Battery Status
  • Location
  • Course/Route

Trip History

With the trip history you can see the different route each unit has taken in a determined interval of time. 

  • Initial Location
  • Distance
  • Time
  • Final Location and Speed 

Control and security management


Different notification types and alerts in real time from the status of each unit.

  • On / off
  • Geofences / routes.
  • Driver bonding.
  • Speeding
  • Among others.


You can create route sections from one point to the other; you can drag the section to the road you want your vehicles to travel and control when they go in or out of its way.

  • Start / end point.
  • Group assignment.


You can create virtual perimeters in a circular or polygonal way to have control of the units when they go in or out of the determined area. 

  • Circulars
  • Polygonal.

Monitoring center


You can monitor all your GPS units simultaneously, check their status, their location among others in real time and in an orderly manner.


It allows you to view all the events in a list, where you can filter, sort and have a count of the actions carried out in each unit.

Vehicle fleet management


Manage your units information in an easy way. Administer the groups and request information from each one. 


Register your responsible drivers of your units, you can link them throughout the code QR and our application. 


Manage your car maintenance services for your units, optimizing its performance in how they function and run.

  • Scheduled reminders
  • Add workshops.

Analysis and optimization


A wide range of reports over your units actions. You can:  

  • Schedule reports.
  • Schedule delivery dates. 
  • Recurring reports. 
  • Templates.


Genera estadísticas y gráficas sobre los eventos de las unidades. 

  • PDF
  • CSV.
  • KML.

Access and permissions


Manage your account access in a very effective way through users. Each user represents one person with access to platform tools.


You can control your account permits. You can delimitate access to the tools and sections of the platform. 

Help and Support


Frequently asked questions from our clients, with quick access to words and suggestions.

User manual

Complete manual that gives you detailed information on each tool and its operation.

Counseling Videos

Step by step guide on the platform in audio visual format, simplify your experience.

Platform tour

Virtual assistant within the platform, begins to learn from the general aspects to the specific ones.

More benefits

  • With our nice design and intuitive tools you will be able to perform all the necessary operations for tracking and GPS control without any difficulty. The experience is quick, useful and very simple. You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy the benefits of the platform.

  • Our multiple tools facilitate the tracking job and guarantee that the time for monitoring will be optimized to the fullest. All the information from your units will always be available and will be of easy access to you.

  • You can have total control of your units, know their location, history, and the full report of all their moves over the region ; all of these at your finger tips, through your mobile device or computer.

  • Our platform focuses on the logistics of your business, allowing your business to easily adapt to our tools. We can also take into consideration any suggestions of any additional characteristics that will better help your business according to your logistic.

  • There are always new ideas arising and we are constantly adding new tools and options to facilitate in the managing of your accounts and units. You will always find new characteristics and we will always be up to date in the tracking by GPS

  • From your Smartphone, tablet or computer, you can easily access to control your units, anytime and anywhere.

  • We have coverage in more than 30 countries in America. That you can access from to have real time location of your units. Just a click away so you can monitor your units no matter where you are.