GPS business technician

Skills that a GPS Installer Technician needs for my Monitoring business.

A GPS business technician will give us advice and support in the installation of GPS equipment and clarify doubts in the users.  And it will be able to help when ...

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Monitorist in GPS business

Is it necessary to hire a GPS business overseer to locate your vehicles?

Get to know our monitoring center and do it yourself.  The role of a monitoring person or an overseer in the GPS business is necessary, to provide a good service, ...

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GPS Tracking Apps

DeltaTracking applications for iOS and Android: learn how you can benefit from them

DeltaTracking makes GPS Tracking Apps available to its customers for iOS and Android operating systems.  The main benefit these applications offer is the automation of processes. In addition to increasing ...

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Security busisnesses

Deltatracking tools applied to security busisnesses.

A security busisnesses mission is to safeguard assets and personnel of another compa, with DeltaTracking you get effective tools.  Its mission is one of the most praiseworthy in the Latin ...

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Concox and Teltonika devices

Concox vs Teltonika device: Know their profitability and utility

Concox and Teltonika devices are recognized brands with extensive experience in the design and manufacture of satellite tracking devices.  They are manufacturers that offer a wide range of state-of-the-art GPS ...

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Temperature sensor

Temperature sensor, everything you need to know to implement them in your fleet

Temperature is one of the variables that can be controlled and monitored remotely in transport units. This is accomplished by a temperature sensor that is added to a GPS tracking ...

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Heavy Duty Trucks

GPS devices, sensors and essential accessories for heavy duty trucks

Transporting heavy cargo has several challenges, including fuel consumption, violence, maintenance, and driver performance. For this reason, a GPS tracking system in heavy duty trucks is an ideal support for ...

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GPS OCX system

GPS OCX, a new technology, what is it about?

The new GPS OCX Technology is a system that improves the positioning of tracking and navigation devices using satellite networks.  Ratheon’s GPS OCX system (Operation Control System) is a system ...

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Routes and operational savings

How route management can save me on my vehicle fleet

Route management and operational savings go hand in hand, as proper management contributes to reducing logistics costs, saving time and resources.  Over the years, vehicle fleet management systems have advanced. ...

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Queclink GL300A

Queclink GL300A device: benefits of these devices

Queclink GL300A device are GPS devices used mainly in the logistics and transportation area to track containers and assets.   These devices are of good value for the money spent, and ...

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