caso de éxito plataforma deltatraking

It is a vehicle security and control company. It provides innovative solutions through the support and management of units linked to GPS devices. Their motto is "the smart GPS solution". It seeks to expand throughout Latin America, for this it needs to link its units with a platform that not only allows constant monitoring but also a real administration of vehicle fleets, such as employees, private persons, among others. It seeks to position itself as the best company in GPS and for this it needs a complete tool, which refers to having versatile tools that help to carry out its work and provide the best service. Over the years he has been searching for a solution that suits his needs, and through DeltaTracking he has succeeded. "DeltaTracking has represented the best tool we have found, it is easy to use, it is flexible and intuitive. The characteristic that impresses us the most are the user roles, since our clients are usually both fleet companies, private clients, and in this way we can limit access to certain clients and give companies an administrative role, not to mention the excellent support it has on the platform. With this we have increased our client portfolio every year and we can say that DeltaTracking is our most trusted ally for our company".

caso de éxito plataforma gps deltatracking

It is a support and telecommunications company that provides assistance to telephone towers throughout Central America, focuses on providing excellent service and has a network of vehicles and specialized workers, and for this reason they are constantly moving through different sectors. The main obstacle of the company is being able to have control over the employees, since they constantly find themselves in the need to call and verify locations, check schedules, and do not have a tool to ensure that their drivers are following the route assigned to them. DeltaTracking is a powerful tool that has magnified our organization and contributed to the development of our company, "thanks to this tool we have been able to meet the established goals in a short time, planning routes, obtaining reports from each driver and upon arriving at the agency we can link and unlink our employees with the units so that we know which worker complies with their trips. We have sensors that provide us with fuel control to optimize our expenses and reduce our costs. We are currently thinking of expanding our territory and with DeltaTracking we can see this happening very soon. "

caso de éxito plataforma gps deltatraking

It is a company that provides loan services in exchange for vehicles, with the differential that the owner can continue to use the car. For the company it is of vital importance to have control over the units, to make sure the lenders will pay. Your biggest obstacle is not having control over a large number of leased vehicles, or tracking information, without having verification that the unit is in good condition. DeltaTracking has contributed considerably to the automation of the system to have the data of each vehicle "the way of working on the platform is so simple. I can order my units and classify them by groups, I can create Geofences in certain areas to monitor that the cars are not leaving the perimeter and if they leave, it notifies me directly. Without a doubt, we have made great progress in optimization and ease for our company, which has contributed to development and progress in other areas. "