Logistics Services

5 DeltaTracking tools applied to Logistics Services

Logistics is a term used to define the shipping and delivery of services.  Logistics services are varied, including transportation of perishable products, refrigerated goods, transportation of valuables, inventory supplies, etc.  ...

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Uber fleets

Uber fleets and DeltaTracking tools applied to this industry

Uber fleets are a private means of transport present in many cities, which has revolutionized the passenger transport market in the last decade.  That is why DeltaTracking provides Uber fleet ...

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Vehicle leasing

5 DeltaTracking tools applied to Vehicle lessors

DeltaTracking is an ideal tool in the management of cars in vehicle leasing, since it allows the configuration of internal names or codes to be displayed both on the map ...

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Collective transport fleets

5 Deltatracking tools applied to the mass transit industry.

The collective transport fleets are in a constant process of expansion and modernization.   That is why cities today need to rely on comprehensive transportation systems that are safe, accessible and ...

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Food industry

5 Tools on the GPS tracking platform:

Delta Tracking is a versatile platform that can be utilized by many businesses, especially the food industry. They need to be able to control the itinerary in movement of their products ...

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Agriculture Industry

5 DeltaTracking tools applied to the Agriculture Industry

DeltaTracking GPS software for control and monitoring is effective in the Agriculture industry. Using a field system to support investment in your company.  Tracking and locating assets in the agriculture ...

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GPS devices, 2G 3G 4G

GPS devices, difference in 2G, 3G, 4G technologies in GPS monitoring

GPS devices are related to 2G, 3G and 4G technologies, which are used for data transmission.  Although these networks or technologies are directed to the field of telephony, they are ...

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Automotive Maintenance

Automotive maintenance, obtain an efficient control with DeltaTracking.

Automotive maintenance is one of the highest costs a company that owns vehicles faces.  For this reason, it is of utmost importance to carry out an efficient control of the ...

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Bluetooth sensors.

Sensors with Bluetooth connectivity and its applications

Bluetooth sensors are devices that allow you to link to GPS technology, to send information about the current state of a vehicle.  Basically these sensors can be connected and linked ...

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Cargo transportation

Freight transportation, benefits of fleet management tools.

Cargo transportation is one of the main industries of any country.  It is essential for the movement of goods at the national and international level and constitutes the most important ...

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