GV65 better than GV300

GV65 Plus is the improved version of GV300. Find out why

While there are many makes and models of GPS trackers, today we will talk about two series of Queclink. Read on and find out if the GV65 is better than ...

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GPS business

What you need to attract customers to your vehicle monitoring business

Vehicle monitoring seeks customers for GPS business as it is profitable, fast growing, recurring and with little requirement to operate. “A profitable business is one that reaches a good level ...

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Benefits of Geofences

Geofences, benefits and how to implement them

The functionality and benefits of geofences in vehicle fleets will depend on the business line of each one. However, in general, they collaborate to have control in the operations of ...

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Effective fleet management

7 Steps to effectively manage your vehicle fleet

If you have a company and have decided to implement GPS monitoring, there are specific tools to achieve effective fleet management. The set of vehicles whose purpose is to mobilize ...

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Fuel sensors

Different types of fuel sensors and their benefits

Fuel is one of the highest expenses of any vehicle-related business. However, its consumption can be reduced and optimized through the use of fuel sensors.  These devices generate savings, so ...

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Queclink device

Differences between Queclink’s GV and GL line

If you are making the decision to acquire devices from Queclink of the GV or GL lines, we will let you know the differences and thus make a successful purchase.  ...

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Queclink GV Line

Queclink GV Line, everything you need to know to choose your device

If you are analyzing which devices of GPS devices for tracking of Queclink GV line to choose, we will let you know what you should take into account.  Queclink’s GV ...

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Vehicle fleet reports

Importance of event reports in your vehicle fleetReport management with DeltaTracking

Everything you need to know to record events through vehicle fleet reports and thus evaluate the behavior of the units.  The reports will reflect the appropriate or inappropriate use of ...

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GPS equipment

Importing GPS equipment from abroad

If you are considering importing GPS equipment and have little or no experience, these tips can help you make a good purchase and a successful import.  Due to the large ...

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GPS device

GPS device, certifications that must be considered when acquiring this equipment, to guarantee quality.

When buying a GPS device, it is important that you take into account not only the price, but other factors such as the homologation or configuration of the equipment.   No ...

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