Collective transport

Monitoring and Fleet Management by GPS for the mass transit industry

Collective transport is a competitive industry that needs several entities for its operation, being these:  Unit partners: Usually the public transportation industry operates within a Corporation, in which partners contribute ...

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Recurring income

Generate recurring income with an initial minimum investment

“Every day more entrepreneurs around the world are looking to found businesses that focus on scalability, that is, businesses that with very little investment and a great idea in mind ...

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Tools to integrate GPS

The 7 essential tools that every software integrator must have:

In this opportunity we will share the fundamental tools a software integrator must have in the business of GPS monitoring. 1. Computer and Smartphone with SMS available. These are definitely ...

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Reduction of Operating Expenses with DeltaTracking

DeltaTracking is a platform that through the tools of tracking, it monitors assets, vehicles or sales personnel. Works also to see the logistics, reduce times and protect loads or cargo ...

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GPS Monitoring Business

How do I start my GPS monitoring business?

Today, many people want to start a business, many times without knowing which will be the best investment option.  Today we want to give you an excellent option: The marketing ...

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digital business

Start a digital business in times of Crisis.

The term digital business can be described to create a business to solve problems with digital technology, It is about transform manual processes into digital processes, like GPS monitoring business, ...

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Save fuel costs

Save fuel costs by crossing only to the right.

UPS has a policy that its drivers do not cross into the left, have you wondered why? On US highways you have the option of turning either to the left, ...

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