Queclink GL300A

Queclink GL300A device: benefits of these devices

Queclink GL300A device are GPS devices used mainly in the logistics and transportation area to track containers and assets.   These devices are of good value for the money spent, and ...

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Routes and operational savings

How route management can save me on my vehicle fleet

Route management and operational savings go hand in hand, as proper management contributes to reducing logistics costs, saving time and resources.  Over the years, vehicle fleet management systems have advanced. ...

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Charges in GPS businesses

Indispensable job charges in a GPS monitoring business

There are charges in GPS businesses that are essential. The number of jobs will depend on the size of each company.  A GPS monitoring company is dedicated to the sale of ...

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Points of Interest

Differences between geofences and points of interest with the DeltaTracking platform

The DeltaTracking platform allows you to create geofences and points of interest to easily control the operations of the vehicles in your fleet. Here we explain what they are and ...

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Fuel consumption

How to determine fuel consumption with DeltaTracking

One of the strongest costs of any fleet is gasoline. For this reason, it is important to maintain effective monitoring of fuel consumption. It is necessary to avoid by all ...

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Differentiate your GPS business

How to differentiate your GPS monitoring company from the competition

Differentiating your GPS business from the competition is a challenge that requires a good strategy. Although you will not be able to avoid the competition, there are certain actions you ...

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Uber fleet management

How to manage your Uber fleet and get the most out of it

Uber Fleet Management and Administration offers a potential business in which money can be made not only for the vehicle. Uber offers a technology platform for driver partners to easily ...

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Effective fleet management

7 Steps to effectively manage your vehicle fleet

If you have a company and have decided to implement GPS monitoring, there are specific tools to achieve effective fleet management. The set of vehicles whose purpose is to mobilize ...

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Benefits of Geofences

Geofences, benefits and how to implement them

The functionality and benefits of geofences in vehicle fleets will depend on the business line of each one. However, in general, they collaborate to have control in the operations of ...

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Fuel sensors

Different types of fuel sensors and their benefits

Fuel is one of the highest expenses of any vehicle-related business. However, its consumption can be reduced and optimized through the use of fuel sensors.  These devices generate savings, so ...

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